Asian leaders congratulate Trump on becoming US president

Taiwan lauds ties as Beijing strikes cautious note

Beijing confounds the China commodities 'bears'

Capacity cuts and rising construction demand have reduced overall economic risk

  • Joseph Chinyong Liow

    Trump's ascent should prompt Southeast Asia to look back

    Regional states do not have to fall into the trap of zero-sum outcomes

  • Myanmar rebuffs Malaysia on OIC as ASEAN warns on Rohingya naming issue

    Naypyitaw accuses Malaysia of 'exploiting' Rohingya crisis as regional bloc warns over use of ASEAN name

  • Japan wants to export nursing care services

    Public-private partnership intends to transfer country's expertise abroad

  • Chicago chefs keep fading Macanese flavors alive

    Quest to preserve Macau's culinary history steps up with Fat Rice cookbook

  • Speculation grows over Taiwan's entry into NAND market

    Micron, Nanya tie-up may signal island's plunge into new memory supply chain

  • Japan's space industry gets some new life

    Young venture companies promise new ideas and lower costs