Company in focus

Hyundai Motor confronts twin crises in China, US

South Korea's leading automaker suffers from falling overseas sales, muddled strategy

Australia and its volatile future as an LNG superpower

Turnbull government prioritizes home market, launches export controls

  • Pro-China groups could undermine Japan-Taiwan ties

    Small, vocal minority squares off with Taiwanese pro-independence factions

  • Thailand's human trafficking crackdown fuels fresh calls

    Mass conviction shows new determination to act, but rights groups want more

  • East Timor poll highlights country's growing pains

    Election reveals worries over corruption, unemployment and persistent poverty

  • Inside Bangladesh's methamphetamine problem

    Booming regional drugs trade takes its toll on country's youth

  • Japanese robotic camera welcomed aboard space station

    Remotely controlled drone aims to save time on photography

  • Rakuten enlisting Chinese help to challenge Airbnb

    Tujia hungry for bigger slice of Japanese home-sharing market

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