'Mistake' to think Britain turning in on itself: Boris Johnson

UK foreign minister calls 1984 Hong Kong declaration 'a living treaty'

Duterte has martial law in southern Philippines extended

Congress endorses extraordinary powers to quell fighters linked to Islamic State

  • Hashtag Travelers

    Airbnb extends market leadership through experience-based tourism

    Industry tries to adapt to room sharing pioneer's diruption

  • Prospects fade for ASEAN migrant worker deal

    New arrests, penalties suggest region's governments in no mood to compromise

  • Japan's foreign workers want faster promotions, pay raises

    Many Asian white-collar employees dissatisfied, seek opportunities elsewhere

  • 'Pokemon Go' players, it's time to meet your teammates

    New monsters can only be captured by collaborating with others

  • Yangon's home of murdered dreams and fragile hopes

    Thousands tour building where nation's founding father was gunned down

  • Sharp, Foxconn go all in on TV production in US

    With panel plant in the works, entire process to take place in America

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