School scandal brings political risk to Japan

Markets watch closely as Abe's Teflon coating wears thin

Lots of empty seats on Hokkaido Shinkansen

In dead of winter, new bullet train only 6% full at night

  • Company in focus

    China's Lenovo losing bet on mobile phone diversification

    Company seeks return to PC roots after mishandling Motorola acquisition

  • 'Foundations' ruffle foreign investors

    Founders may be setting up faux charities to sway shareholder votes

  • Japan vice minister officially visits Taiwan

    Island receives highest-level government official from Japan since 1972

  • Insurers help to pay for Asia's infrastructure needs

    Cash-strapped governments are raising money for projects with long-term debt

  • 5 years on, deadly riots still haunt Maruti Suzuki

    Workers not happy with recent sentencing, demand judicial probe

  • Tepco to promote Director Kobayakawa to president

    Move comes after Hitachi's Kawamura accepts role of chairman

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