Tsinghua Unigroup fighting to become a top chipmaker

Chairman claims that other manufacturers blocking newcomers are "unreasonable"

Toshiba breaks up its core, affecting 19,000 workers

Conglomerate aims to decouple key pillars from Westinghouse losses

  • Japan Post risks becoming the 'next NTT'

    State telecom company's 1987 IPO still seen as a cautionary tale

  • Indian tech sector takes a thrashing from three directions

    'Hire American' order, rising rupee, cloud computing all seen denting earnings

  • Philip Gordon

    France's stage is set for final vote with consequences for the world

    After first round voting, a stark choice between globalization and nationalism

  • Trump, Abe reaffirm united front against Pyongyang

    Leaders speak by phone on eve of North Korean military anniversary

  • China Mobile shares fall amid talk of Singapore acquisition

    Deal for M1 would be carrier's largest overseas purchase in a decade

  • China's first home-built carrier ready for launch

    Advances in Beijing's military tech will speed fleet development

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