Asean Business File

SingPost CEO Wolfgang Baier, right, stands with SingPost eCommerce CEO Marcelo Wesseler.

Singapore Post

US acquisitions highlight company's global ambitions

SINGAPORE -- From its origins as a postal company in a small island state, Singapore Post is forging ahead to become a powerin global e-commerce logistics. This month, the company announced it is acquiring two U.S.-based companies, TradeGlobal and Ja...

  • Total's new plant

    Singapore becomes lubricant hub

    SINGAPORE -- Total, the French oil and gas conglomerate, on Friday opened a lubricant oils-blending plant in Singapore. The company is banking on Asia's fast-growing demand for lubricant oils, with plans to double its lubricant sales in the Asia-Paci...

  • Emperador in global push

    Philippine brandy-maker expects 35% revenue growth

    MANILA -- Emperador, which claims to be the world's largest brandy-maker by volume, plans to expand in Europe and Africa and to boost the company's revenue by a third. "Out of 100 bottles of brandy sold in the world today, 21 bottles are Emperado...

  • Hotline proposed

    Ho Chi Minh City anti-corruption push aims to restore investor faith

    HO CHI MINH CITY -- In an effort to stamp out corruption and attract direct foreign investment, Vietnam's southern commercial capital is setting up an English-language online system to provide information to potential investors on projects open to fo...

  • Carnival in Southeast Asia

    Princess Cruises out of Singapore

    SINGAPORE -- Princess Cruises, a cruise brand owned by U.S.-based Carnival Corporation, arrived in Southeast Asia in late November when it launched regional cruises out of Singapore. With growing regional affluence and an increasingly cruise-frie...

  • GIC invests in Indonesia

    Singaporean sovereign wealth fund backs Rajawali

    SINGAPORE -- Buoyed by the prospect of economic reforms under the new government that are expected to tap long-term growth potential, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund GIC is partnering Indonesia's Rajawali Group on property projects. With a ...