MMC's net profit up 7.4% in first quarter

Contributions from energy and ports to drive growth

  • QL Resources last quarter net profit up 24%

    Higher palm oil sales offset marine and livestock declines

  • Japan Inc. afraid to create ripples in its $1tn cash pool

    Flush with funds but treading water, companies can't afford not to invest in growth

  • Micron Technology to invest $2bn in Japan for cutting-edge chips

    US company eyes mass production of next-generation DRAMs

  • Japan's Maz World opens lab in Hong Kong R&D hub

    Biotech startup targets Chinese consumers with its ostrich-derived antibodies

  • Denso testing bridge-inspection drone

    Leading autoparts maker hopes to break into other sectors

  • Company in focus

    South Korea's new energy plan puts pressure on Kepco

    Power utility giant must adjust to push for less nuclear power and coal usage

  • Indonesia's 'pro-Apple' local content rule irks smartphone rivals

    Policy shift means the US tech giant can meet the quota with a smaller investment

  • Japan's major delivery companies see $243m hike in labor costs

    Yamato Holdings expects to hire 10,000 workers in fiscal 2017

  • AlphaGo to retire as Google moves on

    AI go 'player' sweeps the best of the human race in three-game match

  • AI to help Mizuho-SoftBank venture decide who gets loans

    Smartphone-filed applications to be processed in 30 minutes

  • Sharp to open panel factory in US

    $7.2bn worth of US investments planned with parent Foxconn

  • Policy turn to unshackle Indian mining

    Foreign investment on the rise with Modi outreach

  • A Thai, a Mexican, a Greek and 2 Japanese want you to walk into a bar, then rate it

    Google Japan team hopes you can help make Maps app more useful

  • Japan e-book distributor Media Do to build 'AI translator'

    Company hopes to win overseas readers as its home market shrinks

  • Toyota looks to make waves with Lexus yacht

    Automaker takes to the sea, seeking more pull with luxury buyers

  • Trim from overhaul, Sharp ready to start growing again

    Staffing poses challenge after downsizing

  • Sony crafting chip business capable of withstanding stronger yen

    Diversifying image sensor sales to help maintain profit

  • Former army general tapped to lead Singapore Press

    Strengthening struggling media business will be top priority

  • Uber runs smack into Japan's wall of red tape

    US ride-hailing juggernaut out in the middle of nowhere