July 19, 2014 2:09 am JST

Vaio to debut first post-Sony laptop in fiscal 2014

TOKYO -- Japan's Vaio will roll out a top-of-the-line laptop by fiscal year's end, says President Takayuki Sekitori.

     The notebook will "aim to be thin and light, foregoing unnecessary functions," Sekitori told The Nikkei Friday. It is slated to be the first independently developed product since Vaio was spun off from Sony and will feature elements characteristic of the Vaio brand.

     Vaio will subcontract out production to keep costs down, but plans to ship all devices to its facility in Nagano Prefecture for quality verification. In light of quality control problems the business once encountered under Sony, Sekitori stressed that "lowering quality risk is more important than shipping costs."

     In 2015, the company plans to offer at least four types of products, adding new offerings to the two models from the brand's pre-spin-off days that are currently available.

     Very inexpensive laptops like the $200 Chromebook have recently appeared on the market. Sekitori called these a "threat," but said his company aims to serve continued demand for more expensive offerings by making "products that raise users' productivity."

     He also indicated the company may use the well-established Vaio brand to market products other than PCs in the future.