• China's latest investment trend: Bottles of Japanese whisky

    Proud artisans filling a void in a country tied up by financial regulations

  • India's multiplex operators' shares perk up as long-awaited movie draws crowds

  • Green cars make their way to Indonesian auto show

    Toyota touts hybrids, Kia crows about fuel economy as stricter rules weighed

  • Sony unit eyes 8 new music halls across Asia

    Cool Japan Fund to provide financial support for expanded overseas push

  • Export fund seeks inroads for Japanese produce into Asia's middle class

    Tokyo-backed venture to set up stall in Hong Kong supermarkets

  • Automakers head to Thailand as new green-car frontier

    Government seeks to bolster industry with tax breaks for producers, consumers

  • Yamato Transport raising base rates to combat labor woes

    Consumers face rare hike; steeper increase for high-volume clients

  • Seven-Eleven Japan partners up to deliver the goods

    Courier Seino will take items to doorsteps -- and take fresh orders

  • TV Tokyo targets Chinese shoppers with pop-up store

    Tie-up with mobile e-commerce site to feature Japanese goods

  • Huge line greets opening of Ginza's biggest mall

    Tokyo complex aims to transcend traditional department store experience

  • Japan duty-free chain Laox makes foray into dining

    Retailer also plans Chinese table reservation site in bid to diversify

  • Honda to debut electric vehicle in China next year

    Japanese automaker plans a range of eco-cars for the market

  • Lotte Duty Free to expand into Thailand

    New shop in Bangkok to break market monopoly by local player

  • Takashimaya still happily riding tourist spending wave

    Japanese department store is eclipsing rivals on demand for duty-free sales

  • Ginza Six turns new page for Tokyo's shopping scene

    Complex will host luxury brands, creative designs, special events

  • Philip Morris eyes price hike for most cigarettes in Japan

    Unusual circumstances highlight shift in focus to smokeless alternatives

  • Credit card payments top 50tn yen in Japan

    Consumers swiping more as internet sales, payment options expand

  • Prada turns to internet as Chinese shopping spree ebbs

    Casting wider net online to counter waning sales

  • Toyota rehab robots to help an aging Japan back onto its feet

    Rental service planned, but cost and safety concerns persist

  • Willingness to cut bait sets Siemens apart from Toshiba

    Swift business disengagements help German titan swim while rival sinks