• No cash, no problem for Alipay shoppers at Japan's Lawson

    Payment platform gives convenience store operator trove of customer data

  • Cyberattacks on home front prompt new lines of defense

    Japanese manufacturers adding safeguards to home security cameras, TVs

  • White goods stage unlikely rebound in Japan

    Small households willing to pay extra for more features

  • Tokyo ward hires Thai celebrities to promote local products

    Actresses, models post visits to manufacturing sites and shops on social media

  • Inflation lurks over Myanmar's favorite meal

    Still, country can't seem to start its day without bowl of 'shan khuak-swe'

  • Shanghai Disneyland beset by everyday life

    Smokers, aggressive touts, poor manners get in the way of the magic

  • Chinese iPad app flies camera drones automatically

    Program plans efficient flight paths according to user goals

  • Japanese companies take on insomnia

    There's a market in helping people doze off -- even during work breaks

  • Keep on chewin': No midlife crisis for this Japanese candy

    At 42, Morinaga's Hi-Chew savors new growth with boost from US baseball

  • Flashy Japanese youth fashion makes comeback -- in China

    Smaller apparel chains look to go big with help from Chinese investors

  • Nintendo eyeing ways of grabbing coins with smartphone games

    'Fire Emblem Heroes' features in-app purchases

  • Seven-Eleven Japan freshens coffee menu with new machines

    Convenience store chain targets 1 billion cups sold as competition heats up

  • Japan's Aeon goes gray with gyms for seniors

    Fitness centers will focus on socializing over exercise

  • New e-commerce wave washes over Malaysia

    Country seen as prime spot to tap regional demand for online payments

  • Volkswagen to bring electric car to Japan this summer

    German automaker seeks comeback from scandal-induced sales slump

  • Alibaba joining with name brands to root out fakes

    Effort aims to boost trustworthiness of website, fend off criticism

  • Fish sauce row highlights transparency problems in Vietnam

    Private PR company may have manipulated public safety agency

  • Famous Tokyo bus tour operator goes industrial

    Hato Bus to take tourists to off-limits expressway construction site

  • Maruti Suzuki rolls out Ignis in India

    Targeting millennials with new urban compact car

  • Osaka duty-free shop nixed as tourist spending ebbs

    Doubtful of profits, Lotte Group and airport operator pull plug