March 29, 2014 5:08 am JST

Retailers discounting bulk food purchases before tax hike

TOKYO -- Retail stores are beefing up promotions to capture the wave of last-minute demand for food and household items expected this weekend before the consumption tax goes up on Tuesday.

     Supermarket operator Seiyu is offering up to 10% discounts on bulk purchases of some 1,900 items, including food and household goods.

     A Matsuzakaya department store in Tokyo's Ueno district will offer special discounts on bulk purchases of canned and pouched foods, as well as condiments, through Monday.

     Home improvement chain operator Homac will keep around 20% of its stores open an hour longer than usual from Saturday to Monday.

     Electronics mass merchandiser Bic Camera is handing out fliers to promote sales of white goods and consumables such as light bulbs.

     Major commercial complex Grand Front Osaka, which opened last April near Japan Railways' Osaka Station, is giving out five times more reward points than usual through Sunday.