The Vung Ang No. 1 power plant and Mitsubishi's new facility will together supply a sizable chunk of electricity in Vietnam.

Vietnam opens new doors with push for coal energy

Plant builders flock back to Southeast Asian country after nuclear letdown

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    Toyota bullish on hydrogen investment

    New cross-industry council to pave way, chairman says

  • Japan employers cater to those happy with no promotions

    Retailers, restaurants offer new class of full employee with benefits

  • 'Year 2019 problem' looming over Japanese shipbuilders

    New environmental regulations offer hope amid slumping market

  • Corporate bond issues rise amid uncertainty over Trump

    Global companies raise funds ahead of likely rate hikes, new economic policies

  • Watchmakers set sights on Japan's working women

    High-end, high-performance offerings are strong sellers

  • Japan Inc. moving toward 4-day work week

    Employers hope more flexible, shorter hours will diversify labor pool

  • Japan companies tap demand to automate factories in China

    Mitsubishi Electric, Kawasaki Heavy see opportunity as labor costs rise

  • New e-commerce wave washes over Malaysia

    Country seen as prime spot to tap regional demand for online payments

  • Japan toilet makers unite!

    Standardized icons expected to boost overseas sales

  • Corporate Japan mulls next moves as Brexit plan emerges

    Separation could require reshuffling European ops

  • US car market seen topping 17 million in Toyota forecast

    Millennials will maintain demand in 2017 despite new transit options, says top exec

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    Falling costs drive bricks-and-mortar renaissance in China

    Narrowing online-offline price gap brings new lease of life to physical stores

  • Creating unique value is the essence of business strategy

    Baby goods maker Pigeon and factory supplier Misumi have cracked the code

  • Didi Chuxing's buyout takes Chinese consumers for a ride

    Officials mum on buyout of Uber's local business, creating ride-sharing monopoly

  • Japanese snack makers expanding in Asia

    Foreign tourists want to eat Pocky back home too

  • Japan excavator builders ramping up Indian output

    Efforts to focus on raising efficiency ahead of heavy spending

  • Japan risks being left behind on self-driving cars

    US trade shows provide valuable insights for Japan Inc.

  • Duty-free sales slipping for Japan's department stores

    Tourists stray from luxury goods to buy cosmetics, consumables

  • Hitachi, Panasonic floor it with spending on self-driving tech

    Conglomerates boosting investment amid cross-industry effort