Grueling hours common at Japan Inc., report finds

Companies blame demanding customers, shortage of workers

  • China's coal cuts push up bulk carrier rates

    World's second-largest economy using commodity imports to supplement domestic stocks

  • Chinese cars challenge Japan's lead in Southeast Asia

    Affordability may help SAIC Motor and others chip away at market share

  • Chinese makers to take TV crown in 2016

    Solid sales at home, abroad help unseat South Korea

  • Nissan's Chinese sales up 10.7% for November

    On track to remain No. 1 Japanese automaker for 2016

  • Why China's tech giants fail to thrive beyond Great Firewall

    Despite global ambitions, tech companies struggle overseas, suffer trust issues

  • Plant plants cropping up in Hong Kong

    Hydroponic farms are mushrooming in Hong Kong as consumers fret about food safety

  • Vietnam teaches Japan a lesson

    Know your customer regardless of whether its a person or a government

  • Unicharm's low-cost approach backfiring in Asia

    Japanese diaper maker was late in adapting to higher incomes and e-commerce

  • Filipinos take a liking to pedaling

    Manila bicyclists find they can bypass terrible traffic and improve their health

  • Helper robots are about to get smarter

  • Japan to clamp down on Airbnb hosts

    Legislation would put a 180-day-a-year limit on home-sharing

  • India's online retailers go offline to boost business

    Brick and mortar stores make comeback as e-commerce sector chases profitability

  • A touch of style for 100 yen

    Instagram helps make Japan's '100-yen style' all the rage

  • Chinese officials push farmers into garlic

    Growers rush to plant crop as provincial government subsidies add to bubble fear

  • Reliance rattles Indian rivals with free 4G service

    The new telecom player is looking to wedge its way into the crowded market

  • Globalism under fire

    Business world needs to embrace sharing economy

    Private role in tackling social problems to fend off rising protectionist trend

  • Japanese companies expanding internship programs

    Rule change gives students more chances to learn about prospective employers

  • Tata crisis puts spotlight on Asian business gender diversity

    More women being appointed to management roles, but progress is painfully slow

  • Flagged companies in Japan fight to fix overwork culture

    Restaurant chains reduce hours; labor ministry widens monitoring