Humans may be unable to ascertain the reasoning behind AI's answers

AI may be listening more than you think

Privacy, ethical concerns grow as use of voice-based applications soar

  • Park scandal leaves Korean business lobby in shrunken role

    Budget shrivels as deep-pocket memebers Samsung, Hyundai flee

  • China banks' shadow assets exceed Mexico's economy

    Midsize lenders squeezed by higher interbank borrowing costs

  • Nippon Steel, peers not out of the woods yet

    Despite price hikes, Japanese steelmakers still face risks from coal, China

  • India's multiplex operators' shares perk up as long-awaited movie draws crowds

  • Megabank-linked brokerages wield clout in Japan M&As

    Strong financing capacity and extensive international networks boost their appeal

  • Singapore unemployment hits 7-year high in Q1 as economy sheds jobs

    Rising jobless rate partly due to structural changes, minister says

  • Listed China's limp profit recovery

    Pace lags economic growth despite big gains by policy-favored industries

  • China Inc.'s swelling assets weigh on capital efficiency

    Net profit fails to keep pace with 13% rise in holdings

  • Lawson, FamilyMart to snip household-goods prices

    Convenience stores follow Seven-Eleven Japan to capture cost-conscious consumers

  • $39 flights to India's remoter destinations

    UDAN scheme to make aviation more accessible to ordinary people

  • Asia Inc. welcomes Trump's big tax plan

    Some question whether corporate tax cut will go through

  • AI now and tomorrow

    Help wanted -- young AI engineers in demand in Japan

    Shortage of specialists leads companies and schools to start training early

  • Japan's online video market faces wave of natural selection

    Streaming services falling victim to overcrowded industry

  • Shady practices in China lure unwary investors

    Give-away deals prey on financial illiteracy

  • Japan's electronic parts makers enjoy upswing in orders

    Smartphone, automobile parts drive 12% growth in January-March

  • Tokyo Disney may dip below 30m visitors in fiscal 2017

    Congestion issues take toll on attendance, even as foreign guests soar

  • Japanese life insurers buying foreign bonds at slower pace

    Rising US interest rates give rise to caution

  • Japan banks to test blockchain-based money transfers

    Cryptocurrencies could enable low-cost, 24-hour service

  • AI now and tomorrow

    AI -- the fussy assistant that needs to be micromanaged

    Getting the best out of technology not as simple as it sounds