Then-U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, left, speaks with Apple CEO Tim Cook, right, in New York in December. © AP

IBM, GE hunger for more tech talent

Trump's economic plans ignore a key need for American industry

  • Battery fires often remain cold cases

    Causes of overheating can defy easy explanation

  • Bitcoin seen spreading to 20,000 Japanese merchants

    Retailers aim to open foreign tourists' virtual wallets

  • Japan's electronic parts orders get first jolt in 5 quarters

    Chinese handset makers, automotive demand drive uptick

  • Shanghai Disneyland beset by everyday life

    Smokers, aggressive touts, poor manners get in the way of the magic

  • Japan's banks adding ATMs that accept foreign cash cards

    Nation's number seen nearing halfway mark in 2018, ahead of Olympics

  • Japan's manufacturers look to overachieve on emissions cuts

    Sector sees 14% reduction in fiscal 2030, topping Tokyo's target of 6.5%

  • Chengdu shopping mall expertly integrates old and new

    Third-century Chinese architecture and Italian luxury brands coexist peacefully

  • Turkish retailers find way into consumer pockets

    Where apps and smartphones go, loyalty points and discounts follow

  • Japan's space industry gets some new life

    Young venture companies promise new ideas and lower costs

  • Speculation grows over Taiwan's entry into NAND market

    Micron, Nanya tie-up may signal island's plunge into new memory supply chain

  • Flashy Japanese youth fashion makes comeback -- in China

    Smaller apparel chains look to go big with help from Chinese investors

  • Robots worming their way into Japanese service sector

    Tour company H.I.S. to launch advisory business

  • Ghosn: Automakers likely will prioritize US for investment

    Nissan CEO rejects idea of closing Mexico factories

  • Chicago chefs keep fading Macanese flavors alive

    Quest to preserve Macau's culinary history steps up with Fat Rice cookbook

  • Vietnam opens new doors with push for coal energy

    Plant builders flock back to Southeast Asian country after nuclear letdown

  • Interview

    Toyota bullish on hydrogen investment

    New cross-industry council to pave way, chairman says

  • Japan employers cater to those happy with no promotions

    Retailers, restaurants offer new class of full employee with benefits

  • 'Year 2019 problem' looming over Japanese shipbuilders

    New environmental regulations offer hope amid slumping market

  • Corporate bond issues rise amid uncertainty over Trump

    Global companies raise funds ahead of likely rate hikes, new economic policies