• South Korean tourists sanction China, opt for Japan

    Tourists from South Korea decide to make their own foreign policy

  • Japan's asset managers seek to vote more independently

    Outside advisers, limited personnel moves could contribute to better corporate governance

  • Japan automakers reach for 40% American market share

    SUVs seen pulling up Japanese auto sales in U.S.

  • For US autoworkers, robots are the job killers, not trade

    Trump administration ducks the issue of how to prepare people for the AI era

  • Japan's five steps to a 5G world

    Next-generation mobile technology offers new opportunities and challenges

  • Singapore's farmers raise rare voices

    Island state's push for small scale high-tech agriculture rattles traditional communities

  • Multinationals in Asia

    Expedia plays the Asian card

    Online travel giant investing in technology, regional partners to grab customers

  • Japan brewers boost nonalcoholic beer production

    Kirin, Suntory say the beverages are catching on as lifestyles change

  • Comment

    Reskilling key to survival in 'age of disruption'

    Thomas Friedman's new book describes AT&T's innovative retraining program

  • Japan prepares for arrival of 248th era

    Government, businesses trying to make for a no-hassle transition

  • How Yahoo turned into a pumpkin

    Dot-com Cinderella 'discovered' by SoftBank made three key mistakes

  • As Panasonic enters game, Japan's TV industry banks on OLED

    Manufacturers, retailers cheer the first tech evolution since LCD

  • Foreign directors in greater demand in Japan

    MUFG, SoftBank, Mitsui among those looking abroad for perspective

  • China goes on shopping spree for industrial robots

    Japanese companies crank up production as automation demand soars

  • Japan's auto industry seeks alternatives to Takata

    Honda, Toyota, suppliers look to cut reliance on embattled air bag maker

  • Japan's drug sector to unite for emerging-market push

    Tokyo will help establish financial, legal footing for cross-industry group

  • Hong Kong stock exchange to lure tech companies with new board

    After losing Alibaba, pre-profit companies and weighted voting rights on agenda

  • Recruiting agencies innovate to find local talent abroad

    Exclusive interviews, support services help Japanese companies hungry for qualified workers

  • Chongqing and its Japanese businesses thrive

    Foreign direct investment, much from Japan, keeps GDP in double digits

  • Soccer star Nagatomo schools Japanese shoe retailer -- mind and body

    ABC-Mart managers get meditation and workout tips from the national team member