• Japan medical equipment makers look to Middle East

    Fujifilm, Olympus, Hitachi see large growth potential, buoyed by Saudi deal

  • Business Insight

    Ballpoint pens and the dangers of China's 'one dragon' dogma

    In manufacturing, doing it all domestically isn't always the answer

  • 'Mom' is the new black in Ginza

    Upmarket store rolls out red carpet, shifts from professional singles

  • South Korea semiconductor exports break record again

    Demand from China drives 57% increase in February

  • H&M, Zara operator fashion aggressive global expansion

    Powerhouse apparel pair show no need to narrow focus

  • Japanese drugstores on track to top department stores in sales

    For Welcia, prescription counters prove just what the doctor ordered

  • Chinese companies top list of biggest patent filers

    Asian giant rising quickly in the ranks

  • China consumer rights show exposes cracks in Fukushima food ban

    Online stores, importers caught selling products restricted after nuclear disaster

  • Japanese banks teaming up on blockchain tests

    Bankers' association to coordinate industrywide efforts

  • Rising rates squeeze US financing ops of Japan carmakers

    Cheaper used cars also deal a blow

  • China faces resistance in acquisition of foreign chipmakers

    Experts say domestic resources need consolidation to avoid overcapacity

  • Rising LNG demand offers lifeline to South Korean shipbuilders

    State monitors Daewoo Shipbuilding, as media talk of further aid

  • Commodities eye

    China keen to unload corn stockpile overseas

    Japan resumes imports after 7-year hiatus, opening door for Chinese producers

  • Japan's carmakers take solace in home market

    In North America, uncertainties and Donald Trump keep them in limbo

  • Slump unfolding in Japanese condo market

    Developers face challenges from single-family homes and hotel builders

  • Overtime caps give Japan Inc. chance to reform

    Companies under pressure to rein in working hours while boosting productivity

  • Japanese make mark in Mozambique with energy projects

    Sumitomo signing contract for second power plant

  • ASEAN businesses want clarity from Trump on trade

    Roundtable weighs threat of protectionism to regional economy

  • China restrictions clobber South Korean tourism stocks

    Member of boy band among those burned as investors fret over missile defense

  • Japan policy remains grounded as sharing economy takes off

    Hamstrung domestic startups are frustrated by snail's pace of regulatory reforms