• Japan delivery services on verge of collapse

    As online shopping grows, something has to give

  • Asian universities move up in world rankings

    Survey finds regional higher education institutes perform best in engineering and technology

  • More Japanese regional banks tie up with online brokerages

    Shimizu Bank, SBI Securities the latest pair

  • How Japan Inc. decided it had better start paying more

    To keep making record profits, companies begin focusing on productivity

  • Slower maglev trains pick up steam in China

    Cities across country building economical, quiet alternatives to subways

  • Singapore reinvents itself as regional film hub

    Foreign and local interests see growing potential in the former bastion of conservatism

  • Japan steps up branded farm product protection overseas

    Tokyo government foots product registration costs, offers advice as part of export push

  • Kraft Heinz experience could be warning for Toshiba

    Troubled conglomerate could be blocked from selling off chipmaker

  • Innovation transforming payments industry

    Banks may face identity crisis as startups push boundaries of finance

  • Heavy snow in US strains Japan's corn feed supply

    Trading houses eye pricey Chinese corn instead

  • Shorter hours spreading to Japan's retail sector

    Labor shortage forcing mall, supermarket operators to rethink strategies

  • Japan's parcel shippers forced to revise unprofitable strategy

    Yamato Transport introducing rate hikes, delivery innovations

  • South Korea policy banks mark losses, but others see growth

    Earnings at commercial banks jump thanks to rise in mortgage loans

  • India moves to improve road traffic safety

    Government introducing global standards to reduce accidents and fatalities

  • Partner with Tepco? No thanks, say Japanese power peers

    Fear of sharing the utility's nuclear cleanup costs spooks potential allies

  • Crunch year for Indian soccer

    Overshadowed by cricket, top leagues mull merger in search of success

  • iPhone addiction bites -- to Apple's benefit

    Smartphone maker records highest quarterly sales ever

  • An oasis for budding bookworms emerges in Ho Chi Minh City

    Low interest in reading spurs the local government to create a "book street"

  • Booming Chinese outlet mall market to hit provinces

    Meeting demand for both goods and services key to expansion

  • Japan's forestry industry thin on workers: survey

    Better wages, benefits needed, say co-ops and homebuilders