BOJ watch

Yamato Holdings' high-tech fulfillment center in Tokyo's Ota Ward.

Logistics giant emerges as unexpected savior for central bank

Bank of Japan hopes others follow Yamato Transport and raise prices

  • New challenges await reunited BOJ policy duo

    Officials behind post-crisis easing now tasked with normalization

  • Blockchain a link to central bank's digital future

    Technology's potential explored at fintech forum

  • BOJ mulls seeking stability through transparency

    Advance notice of purchase schedule would enhance communication

  • After summit, Japan's central bankers can relax -- for now

    Much-feared yen bashing did not come up in meeting

  • Japan's central bank surprises with itchy trigger finger

    Bond market confused after Kuroda and Co.'s prior shyness on JGB purchases

  • Speculation emerges on BOJ's exit from credit easing

    Central bank's unexpected moves cause yields to fluctuate

  • Japan's central bank isn't sweating 'hidden' bond losses

    Positive yields gradually heal wound from negative-rate experiment

  • New housing may stand in way of Japan's inflation target

    Central bank faces new headache, this time in rental market

  • Trump tempests to test Kuroda's steadying hand

    Past performance no indication of future success for yield curve control

  • BOJ Gov. Kuroda has promising '1st dream' of new year

    Central bank confident it will make progress against deflation

  • Kuroda highlights a more communicative BOJ

    Central bank dials back surprise tactics

  • Worker shortage gives cause for concern -- and hope

    Tight labor market may deliver inflation via wage hikes

  • Stock rally, weak yen give BOJ reprieve

    Trump-fueled investor exuberance could halt if protectionist presides

  • Central bank's rate focus hides urge to taper

    Shock tactics rather than buying deployed to curb rates

  • Central bank heeds financial sector pleas

  • Kuroda makes airport dash for G-20 face time

  • Bank moves to set lending rates at zero limit BOJ's room for maneuver

  • What form would Kuroda's re-anchoring take?

  • Bank moving cautiously with ETF buying to preserve firepower