Japan Update

  • Abe's approval rating plunges amid lingering school scandal

    Cabinet faces biggest opinion poll setback since 2015

  • Down in polls, Abe eyes cabinet reshuffle

    Even cabinet supporters unconvinced by government's side of school story

  • Tokio Marine to up stake in Indian unit

    Japanese group seeks to tap fast-growing insurance market

  • Nisshinbo to make brake material investments in China, US

    Japanese company aims to exploit demand for electric vehicles, green materials

  • Comment

    Public a willing audience for Abe's shallow show of progress

    Young and old eager to ignore growing cost of social programs

  • Race a Mario Kart or go bungee jumping -- in the middle of Tokyo

    Virtual reality could be on the verge of remaking the theme park industry

  • Japan's five steps to a 5G world

    Next-generation mobile technology offers new opportunities and challenges

  • Shiseido aids working women with virtual cosmetics app

    Software detects facial features and applies makeup for use in teleconferencing

  • Japanese bank deposits top $9.5tn

    Swelling balances reflect the sluggish economy, with nowhere for money to go

  • European foods may become cheaper in Japan

    Tokyo ready to compromise on pasta, chocolate in trade talks with EU

  • Japan prepares for arrival of 248th era

    Government, businesses trying to make for a no-hassle transition

  • IT, foreign workers buttressing Japan's nursing home services

    Acute labor shortage has operators seeking alternatives

  • Sega Sammy gets a crash course in casinos in South Korea

    Japanese company hopes joint venture helps it hit jackpot at home

  • Abe forges ahead with SDF provision for Japan's constitution

    Win or lose, prime minister believes the time is right to amend national charter

  • Works Applications to offer AI interships in Singapore

    Japanese software developer hopes program helps it hire more engineers

  • Panasonic to tap US market for solutions, not just individual products

    Electronics company shifts to holistic approach

  • Indifference at the top brought on Takata's lost decade

    Founding family ignored budding crisis while automakers kept kid gloves on

  • Denials shed little light in Abe's Kake school scandal

    Cabinet, opposition clash through end of Diet session to no avail

  • Shadow of deflation holds BOJ back despite US action

    'Long road ahead' toward 2% inflation target, admits Kuroda

  • Deal with US sponsor would give Takata a way forward

    Plan would split off recall-related debts into a 'bad Takata'