Installation piece “Infinite Mirror” by Mahima Singh echoes the rubble of Kasthamandap Temple, which collapsed in the 2015 quake. (Courtesy Mahima Singh)

Nepalese earthquake rubble inspires creative response

Two years after deadly tremor, local artists seek meaning in aftermath of disaster

  • Chiang Mai: Thailand's modern-day Left Bank

    Evolution of Thai northern city into creative hub fuels hopes of gaining UNESCO status

  • Musician revives traditional Sarawak instrument

    Reappearance of the sape helps to update heritage of Malaysia's Kelabit people

  • Japan's gateway to Broadway to license own musicals to China

    Shiki Theater inks first deal with Chinese company to increase earnings

  • Campaign seeks return of Aboriginal artist's lost copyright

    Slighted watercolorist's landscapes now hang in Australian national museum

  • Studio-backed Japanese venture to stream anime music

    Flat-rate service seeks to fill niche poorly served by the Western names

  • Sony Music teams up with anime producer for big Asian crowds

    Festival highlights Japanese culture, manga, music

  • Human Go masters, AI begin world championship

    DeepZenGo competing with players from Japan, South Korea and China

  • Dark chapter of Taiwan history memorialized in music

    Hong Kong-born composer disclaims political intentions

  • Vietnam makes tourism ambassador of King Kong director

    Box office success fires official interest in attracting foreign filmmakers

  • Art finds its place in the new Yangon

    Gallery walking tour throws fresh light on heritage and modernity

  • Singapore reinvents itself as regional film hub

    Foreign and local interests see growing potential in the former bastion of conservatism

  • Jolie premieres film on Khmer Rouge horrors

    Hollywood actress turned director portrays child’s eye view of Cambodia’s ‘killing fields’

  • Seductively silent art bridges East and West

    Miya Ando's work reflects her complex roots and Buddhist heritage

  • Dick Bruna, creator of children's favorite Miffy, dies

  • Asia's Standouts

    A Pakistani director tackles taboos

    Academy Award-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy uses her camera to shine a light

  • Is Japan ready to love a transgender lead character?

    Naoko Ogigami's gentle film 'Close-Knit' set to touch audiences' emotions

  • Peking opera by Japanese students warms icy sentiment in China

    Room for Japan's companies to do more to promote cultural exchanges

  • Hokkien puppetry comes to life in Penang

    A dose of modernity revitalizes traditional art and attracts crowds

  • Vinyl boom rolls into Japan at 33rpm

    Analogue music takes the stage in a country known for digital likings