Japan Trends

Jiufen, a popular Taiwanese tourist destination. Taiwan is one of the places where Nippon Travel Agency will offer new guided tours.

Venerable Japan travel agency brings back tour guides for Asia

Seasoned conductors included to reassure older travelers

  • Boxing in the dark lets shy Tokyoites awaken inner 'b-monsters'

    New fitness company keeps the lights low and the music loud

  • Samurai theme park looks upmarket with castle hotel

    $44,000 rooms in replica of 16th-century tower target wealthy Japanophiles

  • Japan takes step toward ending room-rental ban

    Bill seen boosting nascent sharing economy

  • At 50, Japan's oldest soccer pro continues to inspire

    'King Kazu' Miura may have lost a step, but he can still mix it up with the best

  • Japan's chairless steak chain aims to stand out in US

    Ikinari Steak customers asked to yield their seats for savings

  • Japanese pop star perfection, served up digitally

    Producers and fans are finding that virtual idols can be better than the real thing

  • 'Astro Boy' to return (in physical and magazine form)

    Subscribers to Atom weekly will also get parts to assemble into a robot

  • Japan makes a toast to 'Premium Friday' spending drive

    Some events draw more homemakers than men in suits

  • JR West shows off luxury hotel on rails

    Sleeper train Mizukaze to take passengers through scenery of western Japan

  • Private companies take initiative in Japan home-sharing practices

    Airbnb helps homeowners heed rules; Keio showcases condo lodgings

  • Kyoto University to train tourism management specialists

    School to partner with Cornell as Japan aims to boost number of visitors

  • Airbnb to help hosts heed Japan's new rules on rentals

    Platform may keep homeowners from exceeding annual cap

  • Polish woman becomes first foreign female pro shogi player in Japan

  • Japan visitors up 24% in January on early Lunar New Year

    Retailers see uptick in tourist shopping

  • Pedigree Akitas at risk from mongrel impostors

    Fake registrations increase as popularity surges globally

  • New breed of Japanese pop idols in vogue -- the oddballs

    Eccentric concepts paired with mixed media stand out in a crowded field

  • Reading, drinking, sleeping -- all in one bookshop

    Bookworms, experience-seekers find warm welcome in Tokyo

  • Babymetal serves it up sweet and loud

    The all-girl pop metal group from Japan is finding fans around the world

  • Ginza's tourist beacon getting brighter every day

    New landmarks beautifying a district known for its tony shopping streets