Japan Trends

Subaru Travel's video showing its guided taxi service helped the company win large orders from Southeast Asian travelers.

Sushi, guided taxis and Tsukiji market top Live Japan Awards

Multilingual travel guide ranks its most-searched facilities and services

  • Japan touts 'hands-free travel' by storing tourists' luggage

    New sightseeing routes designed with foreign visitors in mind

  • Cool Japan Fund to build theaters in Osaka

    New attractions to showcase Japanese culture, traditional arts

  • Mao Asada's retirement helps toymaker twirl up orders

    Tomy doll wears re-creation of skater's Sochi Olympics costume

  • Sightseers in Japan stop to raise their own kawaii quotients

    Salons getting steady stream of tourists seeking cute hairdos, 'lucky nails'

  • The Disneyland experience: Wait here for 150 minutes

    Survey indicates long lines are turning off some potential park-goers

  • Fintech spurs rebound in finance job hopping

    Japanese firms pulling more talent from foreign peers

  • Tokyo Girls Collection charms its way into many hearts -- and wallets

    Biannual fashion extravaganza pushes 'see now, buy now'

  • 'Real' manga shop in Tokyo targets tourists

    Industry hopes the real thing can weed out overseas counterfeits

  • Japan's latest fashion trend: outer lingerie

    New style lets women show off their lacy (not) undergarments

  • Cherry blossoms, deadlines greet Tokyoites on second Premium Friday

    Fiscal year-end puts damper on some events

  • Venerable Japan travel agency brings back tour guides for Asia

    Seasoned conductors included to reassure older travelers

  • Boxing in the dark lets shy Tokyoites awaken inner 'b-monsters'

    New fitness company keeps the lights low and the music loud

  • Samurai theme park looks upmarket with castle hotel

    $44,000 rooms in replica of 16th-century tower target wealthy Japanophiles

  • Japan takes step toward ending room-rental ban

    Bill seen boosting nascent sharing economy

  • At 50, Japan's oldest soccer pro continues to inspire

    'King Kazu' Miura may have lost a step, but he can still mix it up with the best

  • Japan's chairless steak chain aims to stand out in US

    Ikinari Steak customers asked to yield their seats for savings

  • Japanese pop star perfection, served up digitally

    Producers and fans are finding that virtual idols can be better than the real thing

  • 'Astro Boy' to return (in physical and magazine form)

    Subscribers to Atom weekly will also get parts to assemble into a robot

  • Japan makes a toast to 'Premium Friday' spending drive

    Some events draw more homemakers than men in suits