Japan Trends

  • JR West shows off luxury hotel on rails

    Sleeper train Mizukaze to take passengers through scenery of western Japan

  • Private companies take initiative in Japan home-sharing practices

    Airbnb helps homeowners heed rules; Keio showcases condo lodgings

  • Kyoto University to train tourism management specialists

    School to partner with Cornell as Japan aims to boost number of visitors

  • Airbnb to help hosts heed Japan's new rules on rentals

    Platform may keep homeowners from exceeding annual cap

  • Polish woman becomes first foreign female pro shogi player in Japan

  • Japan visitors up 24% in January on early Lunar New Year

    Retailers see uptick in tourist shopping

  • Pedigree Akitas at risk from mongrel impostors

    Fake registrations increase as popularity surges globally

  • New breed of Japanese pop idols in vogue -- the oddballs

    Eccentric concepts paired with mixed media stand out in a crowded field

  • Reading, drinking, sleeping -- all in one bookshop

    Bookworms, experience-seekers find warm welcome in Tokyo

  • Babymetal serves it up sweet and loud

    The all-girl pop metal group from Japan is finding fans around the world

  • Ginza's tourist beacon getting brighter every day

    New landmarks beautifying a district known for its tony shopping streets

  • Japanese comedians milk culture gaps for giggles across Asia

    Talent agency Yoshimoto tests waters in Indonesia, Taiwan, elsewhere

  • Japan's travel sites cater more activities to foreigners

    Menus and languages expanded as tourists choose private trips over group tours

  • Cutting overtime in Japan -- a staffing company's efforts

    Workers set quitting-time targets to encourage efficiency

  • Cherry blossoms to flower in Tokyo from March 26

    Forecast is consistent with yearly average

  • Storied Tokyo market handling a lot less fish these days

    Poor catches, aging facilities and changing tastes all take a toll

  • Vinyl boom rolls into Japan at 33rpm

    Analogue music takes the stage in a country known for digital likings

  • Disney, Universal Studios want you outside

    Exclusive wintertime shows scheduled to draw park-goers

  • Virtual idols win legions of real-world fans in Japan

    Technology brings anime fantasies to life for devotees of J-pop

  • Japan's multilingual tech helping secure foreigners' safety

    Not only a source of discomfort, language barrier could cost lives