Japan's latest makeup fad? A whole new face

The quest for more chiseled features inspires new techniques and products to match

  • Hoverboards taking off in Indonesia

    Battery-driven, wheeled vehicle proves a hit with kids wanting to zoom around

  • Romance is just a tap away

    GPS, big data are making matchmaking apps more sophisticated

  • Famed Chinese scroll sets New York art world buzzing

    Book on rarely seen Wu Bin painting gives glimpse into scholarly culture

  • China's latest investment trend: Bottles of Japanese whisky

    Proud artisans filling a void in a country tied up by financial regulations

  • Study tours feeding Japan's hunger to learn

    Children, adults, seniors increasingly opting for purpose-driven trips

  • Conveyor-belt sushi rolls again in New York

    Restaurants aim to court new generation with a side order of fun

  • Thousands of Japanese Buddhist temples left 'priestless'

    Nearly 13,000 lack resident leaders as depopulation gnaws at community pillars

  • Bangkok's famous street food scene turns sour

    Government to sweep thousands of vendors from prime spots in push to 'clean up' city

  • Osaka studio offers multilingual lessons in Japanese cooking

    Instructors teach tourists how to make sushi and tempura in English and Chinese

  • Chinese, Americans, French venture farther distances in Japan

    JR East, NTT Data survey shows travel habits of visitors of tourists

  • Hong Kong's fresh retail chicken shops may make a comeback

    With fears of bird flu allayed, the government backtracks on live poultry

  • North Korea soccer profile rising despite sanctions

    Striker joins top Italian club as national youth teams win global success

  • Payatas scavengers squeeze a living from Manila's waste

    The Philippines 'second Smokey Mountain' looks grim, but is surprisingly vibrant

  • Burger vans muscle in on Thai food stalls

    Iconic street food culture shunned as government seeks to boost tourism

  • Duterte, Didi's Jean Liu make 'Time 100' list

    Famous faces from politics to arts on annual list of world's most influential people

  • Interview

    Formula E still sputtering in Japan

    CEO says it's the wave of the future, but Japanese automakers have yet to roll

  • Skater Mao Asada's retirement highlights pressure on Japan's sports stars

    Winning personality made her Japan's leading sports idol, retirement underscores relentless public expectations

  • Tokyo dojo gives overseas visitors the chance to stay sharp

    Tourists in search of new experiences try their hand with samurai swords

  • Japanese rice balls take on new flavors in Southeast Asia

    Localized varieties of 'onigiri' are getting popular in Singapore and Malaysia