Kimsan "twins" started their own Siem Reap restaurant. (Courtesy of Embassy Restaurant)

New recipe for Cambodia's restaurants

Local cuisine, suppressed by decades of turmoil, is on the verge of an upgrade

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    Region's rising middle classes developing strong taste for caffeine fix

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    Acclaimed author of 'Pachinko' tracks a Korean family over generations and continents

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    Online booking platforms pose long-term threat to traditional hotel sector

  • Everest deaths pile pressure on Nepal

    Impoverished country accused of not doing enough to assist climber safety

  • Taiwan court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

    Island set to become first in Asia to allow gay couples to marry

  • Taiwan court rules in favour of same-sex marriage, first in Asia

  • EY: Asian millennials more likely to bend corporate rules

    Survey shows Gen-Y more inclined to justify unethical behaviors for business

  • Osaka's 'day laborer town' in flux as foreign visitor numbers swell

    Cheap flophouses making way for luxury hotels, tourist facilities in city's Airin district

  • Development plans for Chao Phraya river threatens to drain Bangkok's soul

    Rushed scheme to narrow river with promenade provokes public ire

  • Japan's milk crisis destined to linger

    Dairy farms in Hokkaido try to shrug off past problems, but face new challenges

  • Japan's green tea makers want to refresh the world's palate

    Historic growing region in Kyoto blends old and new to steep the right brew

  • Vietnamese city kids taking playtime inside

    Urban playgrounds fell prey to development; indoor fun zones sprang up

  • Love truly blind for Tokyo singles

    Matchmaking events helping people look beyond appearance

  • Better living for Myanmar's gray giants

    Nationwide logging ban drives push for elephant ecotourism

  • Buddhist priests and nuns are going pop in Japan

    Temple concerts and saintly get-ups are helping win new fans among the young

  • Last-day sightseeing gets less bothersome in Japan

    Transporters offer new baggage delivery service to Narita Airport

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    ByeJoe finds surprising welcome in Asian homeland

  • Malaysian footballers dread playing in North Korea

    Sabotage worries ahead of Asian Cup qualifying round