• Nikkei Asia Prizes 2017

    Indian entrepreneur, Taiwanese virologist, Pakistani foundation honored

    Asia's health and welfare innovators awarded for weaving better safety net in the region

  • Indy 500 champ never takes the back seat

    Guts, experience made Takuma Sato the race's first Japanese winner

  • Way to Southeast Asian shoppers' hearts? Through their feeds

    Advertisers team with social media stars in hopes of reaching their large followings

  • Energy-drink ad exposes uncomfortable truth in Thai society

    Commercial goes viral fueled by scandal involving business rival

  • Hate folding clothes? There's a robot for that

    Japan startup to unleash 'new relationship between clothing, robots and people'

  • New recipe for Cambodia's restaurants

    Local cuisine, suppressed by decades of turmoil, is on the verge of an upgrade

  • Coffee pods vie to tempt Southeast Asia's drinkers

    Region's rising middle classes developing strong taste for caffeine fix

  • Rise and shine: Japanese fishermen offer wake-up calls

    Facing falling numbers, men of the sea turn to new service to raise awareness

  • Giving a voice to America's 'ignored' Asian immigrants

    Acclaimed author of 'Pachinko' tracks a Korean family over generations and continents

  • Social media presents dilemmas and opportunities in Asian tourism boom

    Online booking platforms pose long-term threat to traditional hotel sector

  • Everest deaths pile pressure on Nepal

    Impoverished country accused of not doing enough to assist climber safety

  • Taiwan court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

    Island set to become first in Asia to allow gay couples to marry

  • Taiwan court rules in favour of same-sex marriage, first in Asia

  • EY: Asian millennials more likely to bend corporate rules

    Survey shows Gen-Y more inclined to justify unethical behaviors for business

  • Osaka's 'day laborer town' in flux as foreign visitor numbers swell

    Cheap flophouses making way for luxury hotels, tourist facilities in city's Airin district

  • Development plans for Chao Phraya river threatens to drain Bangkok's soul

    Rushed scheme to narrow river with promenade provokes public ire

  • Japan's milk crisis destined to linger

    Dairy farms in Hokkaido try to shrug off past problems, but face new challenges

  • Japan's green tea makers want to refresh the world's palate

    Historic growing region in Kyoto blends old and new to steep the right brew

  • Vietnamese city kids taking playtime inside

    Urban playgrounds fell prey to development; indoor fun zones sprang up

  • Love truly blind for Tokyo singles

    Matchmaking events helping people look beyond appearance