Capital Markets

  • Beijing desperate to stem tide of capital outflow

    China struggles to stop hemorrhaging cash and stabilize yuan

  • Japan Inc. sweetens on corporate bonds

    Low interest rates, shifting corporate governance policies slow share issuance

  • China's rising interest rates reflect wobbly financial markets

    Capital flight, yuan depreciation, falling reserves bode ill

  • Interbank yen rates spike amid US Treasurys sell-off

    Waning outlook of a BOJ rate cut also contributes to surge

  • China bonds the latest bubble to pop

    Unauthorized trading aggravates confusion

  • BOJ signals 0.1% long-rate ceiling to curb yield climb

    Market questions commitment to zero-rate scheme

  • Dollar's rise batters corporate bond markets in emerging world

    Trump's victory has not been kind to Southeast Asia or Latin America

  • Long cycle primes US rates for gradual ascent

    Bottoming out in the 1940s, '50s sheds light on outlook

  • Inflation, weak yuan feed prospect of China rate hike

    Fed's move amplifies underlying market forces

  • World braces as US monetary policy turns

    Rising dollar could cause capital flight in emerging markets

  • Japan overtakes China as top holder of US debt

    Beijing's currency interventions behind the drop

  • Long corporate bonds lose luster as 10-year rates rise

    Japanese investors embrace return of positive JGB yields

  • Singapore's GLP launches $1.5bn US logistics properties fund

    Company aims to tap growing warehouse market as China slows

  • Economic gods may be smiling again at Mongolia

    Despite debt downgrade, IMF-led bailout looks realistic as commodities bottom out

  • BOJ boosts bond buys to hold down Japan's long rates

    JGB yields reverse recent rise; new purchases planned Friday

  • Japan's long-term yields continue to trend higher

    US Treasurys putting upward pressure on JGBs

  • Thomas Mayer

    Above all, financial repression

    The politics of negative interest rates has backfired

  • 40-year JGB issuance set to hit 3tn yen

    The record is seen coming in FY2017 as BOJ keeps negative-rate policy

  • Markets see more rate hikes in the cards under Trump

    New administration expected to end low-interest, low-inflation environment

  • Gravy train ends as Japan pays for long-term debt once again

    10-year bonds end latest auction in positive territory for first time in 10 months