Japan imported more than 250,000 tons of cheese in 2016.

Japan takes larger slice of cheese imports after Russian ban

Greater share gives edge in price negotiations

  • Cheap fuels seen lowering electricity rates in Japan

    LNG, coal prices drift downward as supply constraints ease

  • Palladium price nears 16-year high

    Higher costs may lead automakers to curtail dependence on the metal

  • Thai rice prices rising as sanctions-free Iran gets its fill

    Strong baht also lifting prices

  • Charter rates plunge 30% as iron ore prices sag

    Shippers fear lengthy trend amid glut of vessels, uncertain Chinese demand

  • China's stainless steel glut a new headwind for nickel

    Expected monetary tightening also bodes ill for the source metal

  • Vandana Hari

    Qatar crisis: Oil supply vulnerability in time of plenty

    Crude oil ignores latest Middle East conflict but can't shrug off the risk

  • Weak Chinese data puts dent in metals

    Copper, zinc down from highs earlier this year

  • China buying more oil from US, North Sea

    OPEC output cut leaves Middle Eastern crude at a disadvantage

  • Crude prices sag amid doubts over OPEC's influence

    Oil market facing growing supply, sluggish demand

  • No end in sight to weak Asian LNG spot prices

    Supply continues to outstrip global demand; Japan importing less

  • Noble's woes raise specter of commodities meltdown

    Market watchers worry key Asian player could become the next Glencore

  • Strong exports drag Malaysia's May palm oil stockpile down

  • Qatar dispute threatens Japan's helium supply

    Iwatani may need more US imports; gas used in producing semiconductors

  • Nippon Steel to use market rate for buying coking coal

    Japanese major hopes the shift from negotiations brings pricing flexibility

  • Asian steel market braces for South Korea, China influx once again

    Cheap exports soar and production climbs

  • Soft oil prices signal market skepticism over OPEC cuts

    Resolving record-level inventories could prove a challenge

  • Magnesium prices slide in Japan as Chinese output booms

    Producers use loopholes in Beijing's regulations to boost supply

  • Chinese crude steel production hits monthly record

    Concern spreads about supply glut's impact on global markets

  • Hindalco profit beats estimates as aluminum prices rally