• High-end Japanese wagyu hits record price

    Beef consumers shift toward cheaper options as supply shrinks

  • Steelmaking coal climbing out of recent valley

    Aussie cyclone pushes prices to highest level since January

  • US eyes deeper inroads into Asia's growing LPG market

    Expected shrinking of domestic demand has country seeking new markets

  • Aluminum premiums set to soar 35% in Japan

    Falling inventories in North America spurring supply concerns

  • China tries to rely less on US soybeans

    Trump-era trade worries fuel push toward greater self-sufficiency

  • Baltic Dry Index surges on growing Chinese freight demand

    Iron ore imports to the second-largest economy tip the scale

  • Price spikes feared as Asian oil production drops

    Region faces increased reliance on imports as aging fields decline

  • China's bottomless appetite keeping iron ore prices up

    Higher grades now a hot commodity

  • Crude seen rebounding above $50 under Saudi pressure

    Price recovery likely if OPEC meets cut goals

  • Gold rallies on uncertainty about Trump's economic policies

    Rise to three-week high also follows Fed caution on rate hikes

  • Mitsubishi Chem hiking plastic feedstock prices

    Rising transport costs stemming from driver shortages partly to blame

  • Saudi Arabia cedes crown as top oil exporter in key markets

    Production cuts take toll on market share in China, India

  • Coking coal prices recover on China output cuts

    But increased production in the West could reverse the uptrend

  • Vandana Hari

    OPEC keeps US shale guessing on cuts -- but the answer is clear

    Not extending reductions beyond June would send crude tumbling again

  • India poised to emerge net exporter of steel as February output jumps

  • Singapore February core exports rise for fourth straight month

    Non-oil domestic exports to China soared 65.1% on year following a 36.9% rise in January

  • US LNG a boon for Japan

    More import options a boost but not a panacea

  • Nickel prices soft despite uncertainty over supplies

    Philippines keeps changing stance on output cuts, but market is unfazed

  • Palm oil price falling as Southeast Asian supply recovers

    Prices slide more than 10% from recent high

  • Malaysian palm oil futures rebound from five-month low, sharp gains limited