• Commodities eye

    China keen to unload corn stockpile overseas

    Japan resumes imports after 7-year hiatus, opening door for Chinese producers

  • Japanese LNG prices cool off 6 years after Fukushima

    Reactor restarts, conservation help ease tightness in nation's energy market

  • Tin prices fall on rumors of China scrapping tax

    Chinese-made ingots could flood international market

  • Magnesium prices in Japan up 10% since January

    China's move to reduce coal-related air pollution causes a drop in output

  • Interview

    Oil producers to keep pumping up prices: Showa Shell CEO

    Trump polices are a wild card, but production cuts may hold up for a while

  • Japanese importers do double take on not-so-cheap US shale gas

    Post-Fukushima disaster investments not going as planned

  • New Delhi struggles with wheat tariffs dilemma as prices fall

    Farmers and millers at odds over policy amid stock hoarding and protests

  • Oil prices dive 5% as US crude inventories balloon

  • Palm oil prices may be headed for a sustained drop

  • China February coal imports fall to lowest in a year

  • Bulk carrier shipping rates climb

    Strong Chinese demand for iron ore drives Capesize rates higher

  • Aluminum prices up 16% this year

    Surge fueled by anticipated demand in US, China

  • Japan's exports of used cardboard snag record price

    Chinese internet shopping drives demand for packing material

  • Tata Steel, Hindalco likely to post better earnings as metal prices rebound

  • Computer DRAM, NAND prices continue to rise

    Prolonged uptrend caused by chipmakers' focus on smartphones

  • Freight rates up sharply on surging demand

    Tight supply caused by Hanjin bankruptcy also contributing to trend

  • Thai rice export prices drop 3.4%

    Price resistance heavy as world output expands

  • Japan pays more for bigeye tuna as boats make beeline for China

    Supply-demand swings narrow price gap with typically costlier bluefin

  • UN Ballast-water convention to take effect in September

    Charter fees and freight rates may rise as smaller lines struggle with costs

  • Massive gold-backed ETF certified as sharia compliant

    Financial industry eager to attract new investors in Islamic world