• Freight rates up sharply on surging demand

    Tight supply caused by Hanjin bankruptcy also contributing to trend

  • Thai rice export prices drop 3.4%

    Price resistance heavy as world output expands

  • Japan pays more for bigeye tuna as boats make beeline for China

    Supply-demand swings narrow price gap with typically costlier bluefin

  • UN Ballast-water convention to take effect in September

    Charter fees and freight rates may rise as smaller lines struggle with costs

  • Massive gold-backed ETF certified as sharia compliant

    Financial industry eager to attract new investors in Islamic world

  • China cotton growers fear cuts in vital subsidies

    Xinjiang farmers face water shortages and possible loss of government funding

  • BHP Billiton still wary despite return to profit

    British-Australian miner watchful of downward pressure on iron ore price

  • Scallop prices up 10% in Tokyo

    Slumping supply from Japan, China drive market higher

  • Japan's appetite for meat keeps growing

    Chicken consumption rises, driven by health and budget concerns

  • Trump makes aluminum, soybeans expensive again

    China trade friction also heating up under new president

  • Japan's paper, paperboard exports reach new heights in 2016

    Use of cardboard in Asia offsetting weak domestic demand

  • Middle East petrostates moving beyond crude oil

    Diversification brings in Japanese partners, including at Dubai refinery

  • Vandana Hari

    OPEC needs more than disciplined cuts to chart new course

    US shale means continual tweaks, broader cooperation crucial for market stability

  • Japan's dairy import prices soar amid output cuts

    Strong butter, cheese demand lets EU, Oceania milk the market

  • Japan's ethylene plants ran at over 100% capacity in January

    Strong demand, output cuts lead to highest utilization since before 2008 crisis

  • Iron ore soaring as China's imports surge

    Rally lifting steel prices across Asia

  • Palm oil prices around 5-year peak as production dips

    Japanese companies worry about rising costs

  • Stainless steel market stirs back to life

    Demand recovers while Chinese exports shrivel

  • Crude market still wary despite OPEC cuts

    Rising US production among wildcards

  • Commodities eye

    Chinese oil demand poses burning question

    Will country guzzle enough in 2017 to drive global market?