North Korea's Rodong Sinmun newspaper posted images of Sunday's test of the new Pukguksong-2 midrange missile. © Kyodo

North Korea risk could turn yen bulls into bears

Safe-haven effect may not hold if Japan comes under direct threat

  • Bitcoin breaks gold's all-time dollar price record

    Symbolic win for newer 'stateless currency'

  • Dollar falls to pre-election levels

    Political woes stall Trump's economic agenda, worry market

  • As US trade hawks' power fades, no letup on Japan

    Tokyo now Washington's preferred target on trade deficit

  • Moon takes Korean stocks for a ride in post-election trading

    Hopes for expansionary policy go hand-in-hand with profit taking

  • Bitcoin surges to all-time high above $1,700

    Demand for other crypto-assets is helping to drive the rise

  • Top job at Philippine central bank goes to deputy governor

    Duterte picks veteran insider Nestor Espenilla in bid for policy continuity

  • Asian stocks rise after Macron wins French elections, China lags

    Investors pleased, but gains are muted as result of presidential vote priced in

  • Euro, shares rally on relief as Macron wins French presidency

    Centrist's victory a "breather from European politics," says analyst

  • Bitcoin surges to all-time high on regulatory changes in Asia

    Yen, yuan, won among top five trading currencies

  • Bitcoin nears $1,500 on Japanese buying

    Yen accounts for more than half of volume, beating dollar, yuan

  • Asian currencies get modest boost following French vote

    Markets relieved there won't be a far-left vs. far-right runoff

  • Euro jumps, shares rally on French election relief

  • Euro jumps 2 percent as Macron-Le Pen set to contest French runoff

    Investors breathed a collective sigh of relief

  • Dollars come cheaper in Japan as last year's fever fades

    Banks curb buying of foreign bonds, bulk up greenback deposits

  • Increased tension on Korean Peninsula driving up the yen

    Japan is odd man out as its currency rises against the dollar, yuan and won

  • Trump salvo threatens Japan's currency strategy

    Tokyo policymakers annoyed by verbal intervention on exchange rates

  • Dollar at 5-month low vs yen on increasing North Korea tensions

    Trump's tough talk fuels demand for safe-haven currency

  • US Treasury decides China isn't playing with its currency

    Beijing's yuan-buying and hopes for help with North Korea mean no action for now

  • Yen at make-or-break point for Japan Inc.

    Geopolitical tension drives Japanese currency to 108 against the dollar