Japan's major real estate companies were able to sell property at historically high prices during the April-December period.

Earnings preview

Japan's top real estate firms notch record pretax profits

BOJ's negative interest rates push up property prices

  • South Korean home prices level off

    Housing market casts gloom on country's future economic growth

  • Hotels to add 60,000 rooms in Japan by 2020

    Business lodgings drive growth; shortage for Olympics tourists looms

  • Japan clamping down on bait-and-switch real estate ads

    Stepping up oversight in cyberspace ahead of moving season

  • No peak in sight for Hong Kong's home prices in 2017

    Property analysts divided amid cooling measures, rising US interest rates

  • India's commercial property market undergoes a revival

    Foreign investment is rising fast, with growing interest from China

  • Wanda scores China's 1st international soccer tournament

    Chile, Croatia, Iceland and China to play in Jan 2017

  • Japan's Kenedix buys REIT units and stocks from Malaysia's Amanah Raya

    Collaboration leverages expertise in asset management and property development

  • Sky-high condo prices fueling social inequality in China

    All but the wealthy being frozen out of the urban real estate market

  • China home sales lose steam in November

    Real estate restrictions in major markets appear to be working too well

  • China November property sales growth slows to lowest in 2016

  • Anthony Couse

    ASEAN's time to shine

    Community bursting with potential as it enters second year

  • Is China's housing bubble simply inflated -- or fit to burst?

    While prices are growing fast, observers hope Beijing can keep it in check

  • Opinions split over Hong Kong housing market

    U.S. interest rate action and mainland demand to play decisive role

  • Japan's Mori Trust to acquire office buildings in Boston

    Developer enters US to diversify portfolio

  • Blackstone to sell Japanese property to China's Anbang

  • Mizuho to begin managing a private REIT next year

  • China's home prices ease after curbs, but challenges remain

  • Only Fifth Avenue beats Hong Kong's Causeway Bay retail rents

  • Fauchon eyes Japan as second link in hotel chain