A sales assistant speaks to a customer in front of a model of a residential complex at a real estate exhibition in Shanghai on April 30. © Reuters

Susheela Rivers

Asia to draw renewed interest from property investors

Asia has been an attractive destination for inbound property investment for years. Global investors have poured money into the region in the hope of high returns. However, 2014 saw a surge in the value of outbound real estate deals utilizing capital ...

  • Kyoritsu Maintenance and partners

    Japanese real estate fund to snap up dorm buildings

    TOKYO -- Kyoritsu Maintenance will work with financial and mortgage companies to purchase existing dormitory buildings via a jointly operated fund worth around 10 billion yen ($79.7 million). The Japanese operator of student and employee dormitor...

  • Real estate peaks

    Rents reach record highs in Tokyo's Ginza district

    TOKYO -- Rents for stores in the upscale Ginza shopping district are at record levels, buoyed by foreign luxury brands mounting aggressive store-opening drives to attract foreign tourists with money to spend in Japan. For shops facing main street...

  • Big projects on hold

    Myanmar's coming elections spell r-i-s-k for investors

    YANGON -- The lead-up to Myanmar's general election, scheduled for Nov. 8, has ushered in new political uncertainties, and the electoral results could stall the country's democratic transition after decades of military rule. Rapid economic reform...

  • Min Lan Tan

    China's tumbling markets should not derail Japan

    Despite share volatility in China, Japanese companies have enough interests elsewhere not to worry, writes Min Lan Tan.

  • Residential real estate

    Prices of pre-owned Tokyo condos climb

    TOKYO -- Sales prices of existing condominiums in central Tokyo have surpassed the properties' values when new as foreign and domestic investment continues to drive up demand in the area. Prices on condos sold last year in Tokyo's six central war...

  • Thinking long term

    Sovereign wealth funds step up property investments in Asia

    LONDON -- Sovereign wealth funds from around the world are pouring money into Asian property to diversify their portfolios as real estate prices surge in major Western cities. The looming U.S. interest rate hike has prompted investors to shift fr...

  • Land to be 5% of portfolio

    Norway sovereign fund CEO sees promise in Japan real estate

    LONDON -- Sovereign wealth funds are becoming an increasingly important force in global financial markets as they grow, and real estate is making up a bigger slice of their assets. In a recent interview with The Nikkei, Yngve Slyngstad, CEO of No...

  • Sam Biggins

    Global investors beat path to New Zealand property market

    The country is giving real estate players plenty of reasons to put aside past concerns, writes Sam Biggins.

  • True state of real estate

    Secondhand house data worries Tokyo market watchers

    TOKYO -- Prices of secondhand condominiums in Greater Tokyo are rising thanks to brisk investment activity. The value of used detached houses, however, is stagnating. This has some experts concerned about the true state of housing demand -- and what ...

  • Blueprint for survival

    Japanese developers building their future overseas

    TOKYO -- Japanese property developers are enjoying a perky home market at the moment thanks to growing demand from overseas investors and the approach of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. But unsure about how long the good times will last, many of them are...

  • Office space squeeze

    Tokyo commercial rents keep climbing

    TOKYO -- Rents on office space in central Tokyo have risen for 18 consecutive months as vacancy rates drop and supply tightens, with further hikes likely to accelerate. The average offered rent per 3.3 square meters of office space jumped to 17,4...

  • Cutting out brokers

    Sony, Yahoo Japan plan online service that links up homeowners, buyers

    TOKYO -- Sony and Yahoo Japan are set to launch an online market for previously occupied residences later this year, letting homeowners and prospective buyers negotiate prices over the Internet. The service, to be operated by Yahoo, initially wil...

  • ASEAN investment

    Thai REITs grow as yields increase 9 months after debut

    BANGKOK -- Thailand's real estate investment trusts are starting to make small strides nine months after debuting last October. Investors are being lured by big-name listings and high dividend yields. Amata Summit Growth Freehold and Leasehold RE...

  • Real estate boom

    Tokyo is Asia's hottest investment destination

    TOKYO -- Tokyo is Asia's hottest city for real estate investment, in terms of offices, retail facilities and hotels, according to U.S. real estate services firm CBRE. Total real estate investment into Japan during the first quarter of this year r...

  • From mainland to land of rising sun

    Chinese buyers eye Japanese condos

    HONG KONG -- Property buyers in mainland China are turning away from their tightly regulated home market and looking instead to Japan, where they find high-quality real estate. JP Housing, a Hong Kong-based broker offering real estate tours to Ja...

  • Japan property

    Increased foreign investment pushes up commercial rents

    TOKYO -- Overseas investors spent 158 billion yen ($1.27 billion) to buy Japanese properties in the January-March quarter. This is double the figure from a year earlier, according to property advisory CBRE. The figure accounts for 14% of the market t...

  • Real estate boom

    Is Australia leaning on a house of cards?

    SYDNEY -- The Australian housing market is riding high. While some of the country's top officials worry about a bubble, others are hailing the boom. The median price for detached homes in the January-March quarter stood at 914,056 Australian doll...

  • Prices, sales recovering

    China's property market bottoming out

    HONG KONG -- China's real estate market seems to have reached a bottom, with the decline in housing prices coming to a halt in many cities and sales soaring in Shenzhen and other big cities. The National Bureau of Statistics released May housing ...

  • Alastair Hughes

    UK real estate a haven for Asian investors

    Overseas money is pouring into London properties, and Alastair Hughes argues that it will keep flowing.