January 28, 2014 2:00 pm JST

Tokyo chooses medium-rise housing for Olympic Village

TOKYO -- The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Tuesday finalized a plan to develop a medium-rise housing complex with roughly 5,000 units in the Harumi area in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. The complex will house athletes and others connected with the 2020 Summer Games. After the games, the village will be sold off as private housing.

     The complex will include about 5,000 housing units to accommodate some 17,000 competitors and team officials. The International Olympic Committee's standards stipulate that the housing for the Olympic Village should have 14 stories or less in consideration of competitors' health.

     The site for the Olympic Village is as large as 440,000 sq. meters. Some in the construction industry suggested building a high-rise condo in the village's grounds and use only the lower floors for the village, or adding more buildings to the area after the games.

     Chuo Ward sent a request to the metropolitan government officials to consider the demographic implications of the village. Ward officials worry that the local population will rise sharply as the games approach, causing issues in areas such as schooling and infrastructure.

     After the games, the population of the complex is expected to reach about 12,000.