February 10, 2014 1:00 pm JST

Regus to double Japanese bases in 2014, adding 50

(TOKYO) -- Luxembourg-based Regus, which operates rental offices in 100 countries around the world, will double its bases in Japan from the current 50 to 100 within 2014.

Less than half of the 50 newly established bases will be in Tokyo, and the rest will be opened in the capital area and local cities. One third to half of the facilities will be operated as the low-cost and unattended rental office "Openoffice," which was started after the acquisition of a domestic operator in 2012.

     An average-size rental office operated by Regus offers 120 seats in 150 to 200 tsubo (495 sq. meters to 660 sq. meters) of space. Following the addition of the 50 service bases, the total number of seats will be 6,000 and the gross floor area of the rental offices will be slightly less than 10,000 tsubo (33,000 s.q. meters).

Regus Ginza 1-Chome Center, which opened in December 2013. Offices will be opened in Chiba and Kyoto Prefectures in February 2014.

     The occupancy rate of the facilities operated by Regus has been increasing since early 2013, following an increase in the number of nomad workers and teleworkers and the return of foreign companies to Japan due to the depreciation of the yen. The number of users holding membership, which allows the temporary use of Regus facilities including business lounges around the country, is also on the increase, according to the company.

     Shingo Nishioka, the president of Regus Japan said, "We have a certain level of need for rental offices in local cities, if they have areas with concentrations of office buildings. We plan to establish one office for each local city or area with a population of about 100,000 in the future, aiming to provide comprehensive services taking advantage of our network of the bases."

(Nikkei Real Estate Market Report, Feb. 3 edition)