Tokyo Market

A robot made by Fanuc, one of the cash-rich companies whose shares rose Tuesday.

Market Scramble: Investors seek returns from deep-pocketed businesses

Market stagnation drives search for targets with low cost of capital

  • Tech stocks grab spotlight in US, Japan as 'Trump shares' slide

    Policy uncertainty shifts focus to fundamentals

  • Earnings preview

    Obic expected to post record profit

    Cloud services, workplace reforms improve margins

  • Market Scramble: ROE points the way at Trump crossroads

    Investors play it safe amid doubts of stimulus-fueled rally

  • Earnings preview

    Online food delivery provider seen posting 64% profit jump

    Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai's results helped by website overhaul, courier service

  • Japan's Misaki Capital teaches Harvard about taking the long view

    A different sort of activist shareholder could counter short-termism

  • Earnings preview

    Nichirei's FY16 profit seen soaring 40% on frozen-food demand

    Profit likely to set another record as solo eating increases in Japan

  • Earnings preview

    Japan's Riso Kyoiku seen logging 20% pretax profit growth for fiscal 2017

    Cram school openings to pull in more students

  • Tokyo Rope loosens profit forecast over impairment loss

    Cable maker downgrades outlook from growth to a sharp decline

  • 'Foundations' ruffle foreign investors

    Founders may be setting up faux charities to sway shareholder votes

  • Market Scramble: Tokyo's pricey smaller caps renew rally

    Fast-changing business models promise further growth

  • Earnings preview

    'Your Name' seen helping Toho reach third year of record profit

    Animated hit is second-highest-grossing Japanese film ever

  • Earnings preview

    Contractor Taisei on track to hammer out another record profit

    Cheaper-than-expected labor, material help costs lift bottom line

  • Jeweler Tasaki to delist from Tokyo bourse

    MBK Partners to provide expertise during management buyout

  • NTT weighs seventh year of dividend hikes

    Telecom group pressed to expand in growth areas

  • Market Scramble: Key legislation stalled as school scandal engrosses Diet

    Anti-overtime, home-sharing bills may go into cold storage

  • Earnings preview

    Hokuetsu Kishu Paper seen topping profit forecast

    Strong foreign sales, Canadian mill unit overcome weak Japanese demand

  • Earnings preview

    Seven & i seen ringing up record operating profit

    Seven-Eleven's sales keep growing, while Ito-Yokado cuts costs

  • Japan Steel Works to post third straight year of losses

    Weak demand for nuclear reactor parts hurts bottom line

  • Markets suffer Trump letdown

    Doubts grow over US president's ability to advance economic agenda