Politics & Economy

The top Japanese and British defense and foreign affairs officials meet in London in January.

Japanese arms exports

Contractors uneasy as Abe chases orders

TOKYO -- Japan's government is working hard to line up international orders for defense equipment. Yet among the domestic companies that stand to benefit from the push -- defense contractors -- there is a sense of anxiousness. In its rush to win cont...


Opinion & Analysis: How much debt is too much?

The 2008 global financial crisis was a dramatic demonstration that ill-considered debt cau...


Manasi Pritam and Maihan Saeedi: India risks marginalization in Afghanistan

As the U.S. and its NATO allies pull out of Afghanistan, regional powers Pakistan and Chin...


Abe re-elected as Japan's prime minister

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Shinzo Abe was re-elected as Japan's prime minister Wednesday at a specia...

Thai Turmoil

All the generals' men -- and two women: Thailand's new interim cabinet

BANGKOK -- Thailand's military leaders put another crucial element of their interim admini...

Changing India

Blow for Modi: Delhi sees spectacular comeback for opponent

NEW DELHI -- In a major blow to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Bharatiya Janata ...