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Japan counters AIIB

Government-linked bank to make riskier infrastructure loans

TOKYO -- The government-affiliated Japan Bank for International Cooperation, or JBIC, will be allowed to invest in or extend loans for relatively high-risk infrastructure projects abroad, government sources said Saturday. According to the sources...


Itsuo Toshima: Gaining a sense of perspective on the Greek crisis

Greece was long regarded as a winter resort for Germans and other Europeans, whose lavish ...


Ian Bremmer: The world's decade of living dangerously

With the U.S. losing its appetite for superpower activism and no one ready to fill the voi...


Minxin Pei: China market crash could be a blessing in disguise

The bursting of China's stock market bubble may have the positive effect of deflating the ...

The Future of Asia 2014

Thai instability to impact region: Asean chief

TOKYO -- Le Luong Minh, the secretary general of Asean, said Friday that events unfolding ...