Asia gets tough on shady business dealings

Governments want to open their economies to competition -- and growth

  • Ex-deputy prime minister is uneasy about the Thai property market

    Asian countries need to support one another in the event of another crisis

  • The US and hedge funds are still a problem

    Malaysian elder statesman urges more Asian dialogue, less overdevelopment

  • Looking back at the 'Asian IMF' concept

    Mr. Yen sees China's downturn as trigger for future shock

  • Asia's financial safety net is a work in progress

    Political tensions have hobbled initiatives aimed at averting another crisis

  • Learning the lessons of the Asian financial crisis

    The 1997 meltdown pushed companies down the reform path, but more must be done

  • How Asia shapes up 20 years after 1997 financial crisis

    Financial systems are more robust, but new risks abound

  • Chongqing taps 'Belt and Road' to remain powerhouse

    Energy sector also seen vital as municipality aims to continue economic growth

  • Political storm brewing for Darjeeling tea

    Repeated strikes hit industry hard, impact on prices expected

  • Beijing targets China's biggest overseas deal-makers

    Wanda, Fosun, others under investigation; shares nonetheless rebound

  • Thai junta beseeches foreign investors: 'Please come now'

    Prime minister and cabinet all-stars make a rare public appeal as FDI plunges

  • Singapore manufacturing up for 10th straight month in May, growth slows

  • Japan SMEs find prime hunting grounds in Southeast Asia

    Nearly half of the JBIC's loans go to smaller businesses

  • Tencent-backed Indian health care startup faces tax probe

    Officials demand explanation of wide differences in asset valuations

  • ASEAN pushing for direct yen trading

    Japan eagerly responds in hope of globalizing its currency

  • Japan flash manufacturing PMI slows to 52.0 in June

  • Satyajit Das

    Can Asia avoid financial instability from Fed tightening?

    Regional markets should not be complacent about risks posed by reduced global liquidity

  • Japan's consumption uptick convincing no one

    Sluggish improvement has companies, households concerned

  • Japanese midtier startups outpace blue-chips' growth

    Resisting deflation and adapting to a changing market are keys to success

  • Philippine interest rates stay put amid 'manageable' inflation

    Central bank says upcoming tax reforms will have muted impact on policy