• Turkey's domestic strife punishing tourism sector

    As terror, instability spook foreign visitors, industry squabbles add to woes

  • Diana Choyleva

    Why China's next property market drop will be more severe

    Growth of mortgage financing means more homeowners will feel pressed to sell

  • China welcomes Japan PM Abe's interest in Silk Road initiative

  • Insurance grows fastest in May's Asia sector PMI

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    No single currency should dominate the world: Mahathir

    Former Malaysian prime minister suggests gold-linked currency for Asia

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Bangladesh confident of becoming 'new Asian Tiger'

    Official says Japanese investment is vital, security is being strengthened

  • 'Trump rally' hearkens back to 1929

    One US investment manager is telling clients to hold more cash

  • Japanese technology squeezes more power out of coal

    New plant touts 30% greater generating efficiency with 30% CO2 reduction

  • Asia manufacturing turns soft as China's construction loses steam

    Business confidence at lowest in over four years

  • Invisible weapons pose constant threat to cybersecurity

    Vulnerability in Microsoft OS exploited by US government, then stolen by hackers

  • Japan April real wages flat, nominal pay rises

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Mongolian minister 'confident' on structural reform

    The resource-rich country is looking to diversify into agriculture, tourism

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Beware of robots, says Indonesian Vice President Kalla

    Developing countries face twin threats from technology and protectionism

  • Trump's tough talk putting squeeze on US tourism

    Foreign visitors seen dropping 4m this year, costing economy billions

  • Malaysia's April exports rise 20.6% on strong China shipments

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Indonesia has 'lost interest' in TPP without US, vice president says

    Jusuf Kalla says Jakarta remains keen on alternative regionwide pact

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Threats to free trade 'cannot be taken lightly,' ASEAN chief warns

    Secretary-General Le Luong Minh insists bloc will remain 'beacon' of openness

  • Interview

    Moon adviser says only government can create jobs

    South Korea's economic policy will shift to 'people first'

  • India services PMI rises to 52.2 in May

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    Like it or not, globalization is 'inevitable,' Vietnamese PM says

    Nguyen Xuan Phuc stresses commitment to free trade, including TPP