International Relations

South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaks at a dinner in Washington hosted by chambers of commerce of the U.S and South Korea on June 28. © AP

Moon sees investment chances once Korean issues are resolved

President hopes US, South Korea will become 'strategic economic partners'

  • James D.J. Brown

    The failure of Abe's 'new approach' to Russia

    Joint survey trip marks turning point in Japan-Russia territorial dispute, but not in Japan's favor

  • Seoul-Tokyo rapprochement hitting snags old and new

    Splits on North Korea and perennial 'comfort women' issue could cloud Abe-Moon summit

  • South Korean leader vows solidarity with Trump on NKorea

    Plays down differences, offers tribute to American sacrifices during Korean War

  • US human trafficking report gets mixed Asian reception

    Malaysia, Myanmar pleased with upgrades; China rejects unilateral criticism

  • India, France report damage in global cyberattack

    Malware strain more sophisticated than WannaCry is also worryingly easy to copy

  • US demands more security on international flights to US

    The new rules will apply to roughly 180 foreign and US-based airlines, flying from 280 cities in 105 countries

  • Japan-China-South Korea summit a no-go for July

    Tensions over missile defense seen delaying talks, possibly till later this year

  • Moon faces delicate balancing act in meeting with Trump

    South Korean leader rebuffed by Pyongyang, pushed by Washington

  • Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see 'WannaCry' link

    Wave of disruption started in Russia and Ukraine

  • UN treaty envisions total elimination of nuclear arms

    New draft mandates destruction of arsenals

  • EU eager for speedy trade deal with Japan

    Brussels sees economic, ideological benefits from free-trade expansion

  • China among worst human trafficking offenders, US says

    Tillerson chides North Korea; Myanmar improves standing

  • EU takes hard line on farm trade with Japan

    Agriculture chief heads to Tokyo to unstick talks on cheese, other tariffs

  • Cambodia's Hun Sen alarmed by opposition's electoral gains

    Capital city and even his home province have fallen through his hands

  • Trump and Modi bond over security as China looms

    Thorny visa issue left for another day, while Ivanka gets an invitation to India

  • Trump urges India's Modi do more in trade

    Both leaders took great pains to stress the importance of a strong US-Indian relationship

  • Russia offers Japan joint-venture proposal for Kurils

    Survey group to judge feasibility in upcoming visit to disputed islands

  • China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole

    China's best-known political prisoner was sentenced to 11 years in jail

  • Modi-Trump meeting could redefine India-US relations

    Defense deals expected but mums the word on H-1B visas