International Relations

Japan's Aso holds out hope for US return to TPP

Deputy prime minister ready to play hardball on bilateral trade deal

  • Japan pursues currency swaps with ASEAN members

    Initiative to secure yen liquidity in financial crisis, stem yuan's spread

  • Interview

    Aso stresses leading role of Japan, US in rule-making

    Japanese deputy prime minister seeks framework to extend across Asia

  • US strategy on Pyongyang to center on sanctions, pressure

    Trump administration briefs entire Congress in rare move

  • Denuclearization before talks, South Korea's Ahn says

    Centrist candidate takes tough line on North weeks before election

  • Duterte sets aside 2016 tribunal ruling on South China Sea

    As ASEAN chair, Philippines will focus on crafting a fresh code of conduct

  • TPP talks to get going -- with notable absentee

    Japan aiming to lead, maintain rules in hope of Washington returning

  • The reason for Xi's stiff smile in Florida

    Team Trump sends 'back off' vibes to Beijing behind the scenes

  • The long, frustrating quest for free trade in Asia

    A defanged TPP and an undercooked RCEP make for a murky future

  • Think the RCEP is about free trade? Think again

    Beijing-led pact is aimed at saving China's own economy via the Belt and Road

  • Trump's North Korea policy centers on tighter sanctions

  • Abe starts 4-day trip to Russia, Britain for summits

  • Chinese envoy signals active role on North Korea

    Pyongyang, Washington continue saber-rattling

  • ASEAN countries at impasse on North Korea

    Friendly ties soured for some by Kim Jong Nam murder

  • Trump's No. 2 brings an olive branch to Asia

    Vice President Mike Pence reaches out to Muslims to defuse anti-US sentiment

  • ASEAN holds pre-summit meetings in Manila

    Police, military are on high alert as attendees gather to discuss agenda

  • China's first home-built aircraft carrier hits the water

    50,000-ton vessel leaves Dalian shipyard

  • China launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier

  • US moves THAAD to South Korean site as North Korea boasts fire power

  • Russia on high alert for possible clash in North Korea

    Troops reportedly moving to border in likely attempt to block refugees