International Relations

  • Aso and Pence like peas in a pod

    No. 2 men in Japan and US calmly waiting in the wings

  • US leaves G-7 peers to talk among themselves on Paris accord

    Climate-change skeptic Pruitt attends only one session of Bologna meeting

  • Moon reshaping South Korea's military relations with US

    New president vows to regain control of his country's armed forces

  • Italy sees no hope of winning over US on climate change at G7

  • Pentagon: 3 US soldiers killed, 1 wounded in Afghanistan

  • UK's May seals deal to prop up government, but loses key aides

  • Chinese-German cooperation blossoms in auto, tech

    Corporate partnerships surge, seen as a response to Trump era

  • The Future of Asia 2017

    ASEAN adjusting to a less-participatory US

    Conference speakers mentioned TPP less, 'belt and road' more

  • North-South Korea joint event to be called off

    Effort to reach out to Pyongyang on summit anniversary flops

  • Vietnam suspends sending workers to Qatar

    Political situation sparks concern for over 1,000 nationals in construction, housekeeping

  • Lavina Lee

    Turnbull speaks truth to Beijing on South China Sea

    Australian leader warns that coercion risks provoking Asia-wide resistance

  • Japan, EU make final push for trade pact

    Agricultural tariffs crucial as parties seek quick action on megadeal

  • Asian bloc's expansion may widen cracks between China, Russia

    Accession of India, Pakistan to SCO adds new wrinkle to group's politics

  • Behind Pyongyang's missile-testing binge

    Flexing muscles while keeping door open to dialogue

  • Japan, China, South Korea to pursue joint Arctic research

    Opportunities in shipping, resources discussed at high-level dialogue

  • Comment

    Dealing with a nuclear North Korea: Expect the unexpected

    Regional powers should push for denuclearization while preparing for the worst

  • Japan races China to secure Asian port rights

    Tokyo on the lookout over Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative

  • Afghanistan's woes expose power moves on Asia's chessboard

    Confrontations in western wing threaten to taint the rest of the region

  • Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia team up in terror fight

    Southeast Asia seeks to stem growing influence of Islamic State extremists

  • Greg Colton

    US exit from Paris deal marks end of influence in South Pacific

    For island states, climate pact is a matter of life and death