Policy & Politics

  • Malaysia's industrial output expands 4.6% in March, supports Q1 growth views

  • Brahma Chellaney

    America's deepening Afghanistan quagmire

    Trump needs to break with failed US policies on the Taliban

  • Indonesia's high-speed rail getting back on track

    Jakarta seizes land to meet China's conditions for funding stalled project

  • Moon's picks for top posts reflect call for unity

    South Korean president seeks regional, factional balance

  • Bangkok's Chinatown at heart of heritage battle

    Activists take on government over plans to transform culturally-rich area

  • Former Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen dies at 89: Xinhua

  • South Korean prime minister pick seen as point man on Japan

    Lee fluent in Japanese; nominee cultivated deep ties to country

  • Jakarta gives public transport a lift in the age of Uber

    Officials want 'angkot' public minivan to hold their own vs. ride-hailing apps

  • Jakarta governor's blasphemy conviction triggers global backlash

    Stocks tumble as Ahok's two-year sentence raises red flags for Widodo

  • President Duterte's defeated running mate named foreign minister

    Cayetano among staunchest advocates of notorious war on drugs

  • Thitinan Pongsudhirak

    Trump promotes a 'pivot in Asia'

    The US president is signalling a policy that favors interests over values

  • Moon vows to cut government ties with conglomerates

    New president says he will visit Pyongyang if need be to ease tensions

  • Moon Jae-in strikes soft tone on North Korea, missile system

    President appoints new leadership team upon inauguration

  • Turkey's educational Islamization bodes poorly for growth

    Erdogan consolidating power at the expense of structural reform dents prospects

  • Trump fires FBI Director Comey, setting off U.S. political storm

  • South Koreans opt for fresh start with progressive Moon

    Satisfying voters will be tough amid growing inequality, geopolitical tensions

  • Abe seeks to split opposition on constitutional revision

    Japanese prime minister continues to talk up his plan in parliament

  • South Korea elects Moon on promises of jobs, chaebol reform

    Moon's government will concentrate on an expansionary fiscal policy

  • South Korean voters veer to the left

    Their mandate is clear -- restructure an entire society

  • Once-jailed activist now president of South Korea

    Son of North Korean refugees, Moon Jae-in promises to 'invest in people'