China's annual congress

A session of the National People's Congress in Beijing © Reuters

Richard McGregor

Trump's worst enemy

When it comes to checking China's global influence, it's himself

  • Chinese industrial consolidation kicks into high gear

    Number of core state enterprises seen falling below 100 this year

  • China's Li steers clear of friction with Washington

    Premier stresses diplomatic, economic stability ahead of leadership reshuffle

  • Chinese parliament cements Xi's status, but silent on successor

    National People's Congress affirms leader's place at party core

  • China, Hong Kong to link bond markets this year

    Program aims to expand overseas investors' access to mainland debt

  • China legal chiefs vow to continue anti-corruption campaign

    New record in graft cases last year with 63,000 investigated

  • China central bank chief shrugs off foreign reserves decline

    More unified regulations to rein in shadowy wealth-management products

  • Chinese regional chiefs jockey for influence at congress

    President's longtime allies stress competence while less-favored profess loyalty

  • Reaganomics finds a home in Xi's China

    Beijing wants to make supply-side economics work in a communist state

  • Beijing rallies support for favored Hong Kong chief candidate

    China aims to quell unrest with decisive victory for Lam

  • Beijing blends tough talk with promise of dialogue

    Foreign minister takes aim at missile system, lectures Japan

  • China says it is an 'anchor' of global peace and development

    Diplomat tells North Korea to stop nuclear tests and US to end military drills

  • China promises $50bn in fresh corporate tax breaks

    New measures aim to lighten load on manufacturers, small businesses

  • EU lobby slams China's 'equal treatment' for foreign companies

    Beijing's manufacturing initiative seen as 'highly problematic'

  • China claims transparency on defense spending in its budget

    Fiscal deficit target stays at 3% amid tighter monetary policy

  • Knives out for party power struggle in Beijing

    Parliamentary session to provide a glimpse into party infighting

  • China Mobile sees 10% revenue hit from order to cut fees

    Carrier to slash costs to offset impact of government's new policy

  • China plans broader industrial capacity cuts

    Government aims to trim fat in construction materials, coal-fired power

  • China's Geely hints at withdrawal from Malaysian automaker bid

    Deal 'may not be reached,' says chairman of parent company

  • China's Xiaomi learns patience in global expansion: CEO

    Wiser now, smartphone maker plans focused effort, hints at AI-imbued products