Duterte's Philippines

A young boy walks along bottles of soft drinks after buying clear soda at a store in suburb Manila. The government plans to impose hefty excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverage, a measure which a Philippine lawmaker called anti-poor. (Photo by Kimberly dela Cruz)

Duterte's tax bill faces uphill battle in Philippine Senate

Lawmakers sour on sugar tax, complain levies are regressive

  • Indonesia ramps up security over concerns about spread of extremists

    Meetings of regional security officials to address IS threats and spillover of unrest from Philippines

  • Philippines misses 2nd deadline to remove Islamic militants

    Help from US troops highlights the depth of the crisis

  • Philippine army vows to overrun militants linked to Islamic State

    With 200 dead, Marawi to be liberated on Independence Day

  • Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia team up in terror fight

    Southeast Asia seeks to stem growing influence of Islamic State extremists

  • Duterte cancels Japan trip as Mindanao siege continues

    Military evaluating martial law extension after 100 killed

  • Duterte to cancel Japan visit

    Mindanao security situation requires presence

  • Michael Vatikiotis

    Duterte's peace hopes challenged in Mindanao

    Declaration of martial law by Philippine president raises broader concerns

  • Richard Heydarian

    Duterte and Putin double act heralds new regional order

    Leaders' cosy relationship shows an ideological, and personal, affinity

  • Duterte moots martial law for the Philippines

    Describes dictatorship of Marcos era as 'very good'

  • Philippine markets open lower after martial law declaration

    Worries easing after the government is seen to have crisis under control

  • China, Philippines to hold first South China Sea talks Friday

    Nations will seek ways to manage their territorial dispute, 'prevent escalation'

  • Philippines opens wallet wide for public works

    Nation's first subway the crown jewel of $70bn-plus push

  • Duterte asks Trump to be prudent with North Korea

    Philippine president says Kim Jong Un 'simply wants to end the world'

  • FT Confidential Research

    Philippine tax reform compromises may limit infrastructure drive

    Legislative spats over tax reforms could also concern credit rating agencies

  • Duterte seeking diplomatic balance between Japan, China

    Philippine leader plans June trip to Tokyo

  • Duterte faces turning point in push for safer Philippines

    Manila signs historic truce with Maoist insurgents, but peace remains challenge

  • Beijing, Manila facing new maritime dispute

    Chinese survey mission pushes Philippines to also launch study

  • Duterte in the hot seat after nixing of foreign secretary pick

    Environment secretary also faces strong headwinds

  • Duterte wants to mix and mobilize funding sources to spread wealth

    New Philippine economic blueprint prioritizes dispersed infrastructure spending