Park Geun-hye scandal

  • After Park's impeachment, focus turns to chaebol reform

    Economic problems will hinder successor's efforts to untangle cozy political ties

  • Ousted South Korea leader arrives back home

    The ex-president is out, but still defiant

  • South Korea set for foreign policy shift following Park's exit

    A liberal president could ease stance on North Korea, China

  • Park failed to spark South Korean economy, revamp industry

    Impeached president's 'Second Miracle on the Han River' never materialized

  • Park faces criminal probe over bribery allegations

    Ex-president accused of conspiring to take funds from Samsung

  • Populist rage moves the court in Park's ouster

    Lopsided economic growth fueled public anger at corruption

  • David S. Lee

    Park's removal does not end South Korea's leadership void

    Policy direction uncertain amid North Korean, Chinese challenges

  • Moon leads ahead of South Korea presidential vote

    Two die in protests against court ruling upholding Park Geun-hye impeachment

  • Prosecutors can now interrogate Park

    First investigative team could not question the now former president

  • South Korean court boots Park from office with unanimous ruling

    Impeached president loses executive immunity as nation swings into election mode

  • Tensions rise in South Korea ahead of impeachment verdict

    Citizens take to the streets while lawmakers threaten to resign

  • Lawyers deny all charges against Samsung heir

  • Park implicated in bribery and blacklisting by prosecutors

    But probe of South Korean president leaves many questions unanswered

  • Park impeachment ruling expected in mid-March

    South Korean court holds final hearing on Monday

  • South Korea rudderless without president, Samsung chief

    Lack of leadership likely to deepen economic, diplomatic paralysis

  • Struggling South Korean conservatives play 'terror' card

    Trailing in presidential polls, ruling camp promotes firm stance on Pyongyang

  • Public ire drove fresh demand for Samsung chief's arrest

    Prosecutors responded to mounting resentment of big business

  • Samsung crown prince summoned again

    Prosecutors to confirm new findings emerging after denial of Lee's arrest warrant

  • David S. Lee

    Strong leader needed as South Korea waits at crossroads

    No clear front runner has emerged to fill vacuum left by Park's impeachment.

  • Park denounces 'mountain' of lies in corruption probe

    Impeached South Korean president maintains innocence in YouTube interview