Samsung on the spot

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, center, is the de facto leader of the family-run conglomerate. © Reuters

Chaebol play both villain and hero in South Korea's tale

Samsung's woes reveal complex public attitude toward family-run empires

  • Samsung Group chief charged with bribery, corporate nerve center dismantled

  • South Korea's acting president declines to extend corruption probe

    Prosecutors' request for more time rejected; investigation to end on Tuesday

  • High debt tests third-generation heir of Korean Air

    New CEO Cho Won-tae faces task of reducing 1,200% debt-to-equity ratio

  • Samsung struggling in China as market share shrivels

    Smartphone battery fiasco only adds to a litany of woes

  • South Korea rudderless without president, Samsung chief

    Lack of leadership likely to deepen economic, diplomatic paralysis

  • In heir's absence, Samsung puts leadership in many hands

    Group presidents, strategy office to handle decision-making for now

  • After night in cell, Samsung scion taken for questioning

  • Samsung chief's arrest turns up heat on South Korea's Park

    Evidence for bribery allegations provides more ammunition against president

  • Arrest exposes limits of Samsung's hereditary management

    Absence of key decision-maker leaves reforms, deals adrift

  • Samsung leader's arrest imperils company and country

    Conglomerate in crisis with Lee Jae-yong out of the picture

  • Samsung's reforms likely to be hobbled by arrest

    Conglomerate's ability to make crucial personnel appointments may be crippled

  • Samsung stock drops on chief's arrest over corruption

    Share price losing upward momentum from strong earnings reports

  • Samsung heir arrested over bribery allegations

    Court approves warrant for Lee Jae-yong, citing new evidence

  • Samsung Group says will do best to ensure truth revealed in court

  • Samsung chief Lee arrested in corruption investigation

    The 48-year-old vice chairman has been taken into custody

  • Public ire drove fresh demand for Samsung chief's arrest

    Prosecutors responded to mounting resentment of big business

  • Samsung's scandal lays bare culture of collusion

    'Chaebol' sweat as old practices no longer guarantee immunity from investigation

  • Rocky road ahead for the group's third No. 1

    Will Lee Jae-yong prove a worthy inheritor of South Korea's top conglomerate?

  • The Samsung empire at 80

    Government connections that helped the group grow are coming back to haunt it