The Trump effect

Sharp and Foxconn are readying LCD panel factories in China and the U.S. in addition to this facility in Sakai, near Osaka.

Sharp, Foxconn go all in on TV production in US

With panel plant in the works, entire process to take place in America

  • Seoul readies to defend 'win-win' trade deal against Trump pressure

    Shale gas imports could help reduce trade deficit

  • G-20 leaders struggle to find compromise on trade policy

    US stance on steel imports at the heart of disharmony

  • Xi, Moon united on peaceful solution to North Korean standoff

    Beijing, Seoul still wide apart on THAAD doployment

  • ICBM launch marks turning point for US on North Korea

    Threats, bargaining among options as pressure fails to rein in Pyongyang

  • US steel tariffs could throw a wrench into G-20 summit

    Allies alarmed as Trump may step out of WTO framework

  • Ritesh Kumar Singh

    Modi summit with Trump falls short of expectations

    Too much divergence of interests on key economic issues

  • John Burton

    Moon finds a stubborn Trump on US visit

    Trade gains unexpected prominence in US-South Korea talks

  • Trump turns from carrot to stick ahead of second China summit

    Washington ramps up steps to force pressure on North Korea

  • Trump, Modi could find common ground over Lockheed-Tata deal

    US defense giant sees Indian jet production creating jobs in both countries

  • Trump's tough talk putting squeeze on US tourism

    Foreign visitors seen dropping 4m this year, costing economy billions

  • EU, China trip in rush to lead on climate change

    Renewed commitment to Paris accord can't paper over differences on trade

  • US could pay dearly for Trump's isolationism

    America may lose technological lead, global clout for going rogue

  • US sail-by in South China Sea puts heat back on Beijing

    First operation near man-made island under Trump a nod to China hawks

  • Unity against terror on agenda at Trump's first NATO summit

    Defense spending levels also at issue for alliance that president once called 'obsolete'

  • Trump's haphazard approach to Middle East may compound risks

    US leader seems most focused on overwriting Obama's legacy

  • North Korea to be focus of planned US-South Korea summit

    Top policy advisers agree to consider range of options on Pyongyang

  • In sharp reversal, Sino-American trade relations improve

    Both gain via concessions on beef imports, Belt and Road Initiative

  • Trump's unpredictability leaves Asia adrift and anxious: experts

    US becoming a destabilizing force, former Obama administration official says

  • Moon, Trump agree by phone to work closely on North Korea

    Leaders discuss visits, but no mention of controversial anti-missile system