The Trump effect

  • After the handshake, Japan's responsibility to the world

    After the handshake, Japan's responsibility to the world

  • Trump raises the stakes in echoes of Reagan

    The US administration is playing a risky zero-sum game

  • Abe and Trump hit bilateral sweet spot in 27 holes

    Japan's relief short lived as Pyongyang fires ballistic missile

  • Japan-US economic dialogue likely to be a long slog

    Setting framework was easy; agreeing on trade, currency won't be

  • Trump and Japan's Abe take a swing at golf diplomacy

  • Abe-Trump summit a relief to Japan's automakers

    Despite lack of harsh words from US president, uncertainty remains

  • New economic talks to blend Trumponomics with Abenomics

    Post TPP, leaders agree on pursuing rules-based trade and investment

  • Toyota stays aloof from politics while Ford jumps in

    Sticking to business may be hard in the Trump era

  • Trump promises state visit to Japan this year

    Post-summit statement stresses closer security, economic ties

  • Trump finally gets foot in the door on Asian diplomacy

    Japan, China may be more open to discussion with key interests affirmed

  • Trump remark draws investors all aboard Japanese rail shares

    Ahead of summit with Abe, president's comment on high-speed trains spikes interest

  • Abe, Trump back stronger alliance, economic dialogue

    The US president to visit Japan this year

  • Abe, Trump deputies' talks are first step toward working ties

    White House power-grappling complicates diplomats' work

  • Trump seen taking aim at auto trade in summit with Abe

    A laserlike focus on 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

  • Trump rolls out red carpet for Abe

    But tough sledding during pre-summit talks raises questions

  • Abe, Trump start talks to affirm alliance

    Japan-US summit also expected to cover currency, trade

  • For Abe, summit just the start of Trump tightwalk

    Prearranged talks a prelude to trickier task of building rapport

  • Abe, Trump may discuss currency issues: White House official

    Japanese prime minister may try to avoid the topic, but markets are on edge

  • Trump reaches out to China, not by phone, but in a letter

    Despite advice from experts, US leader likely staying tough on Beijing

  • Trade, security top Abe's agenda for US summit

    A round of golf could help Japanese leader get personal with Trump