The Trump effect

  • Trump reaches out to China, not by phone, but in a letter

    Despite advice from experts, US leader likely staying tough on Beijing

  • Trade, security top Abe's agenda for US summit

    A round of golf could help Japanese leader get personal with Trump

  • Abe's summit strategy has one goal -- dodging free trade talks

    Japan girds for battle, hopes for compromise at Trump-Abe talks

  • Mighty yen could be good news for Japan ahead of US summit

    Tokyo seeks to avoid drawing Trump's ire over currency policy

  • Nisshinbo nixes plan for Mexican auto-parts factory

    Trump impact on auto industry spreads to brake materials supplier

  • Time's up for soft China policy

    US defense chief sees more active role in South China Sea

  • China makes neighborly greeting amid Australia's US strains

    Canberra, Beijing enhance economic partnership, teaming on trade

  • Japan resurfaces as No. 2 contributor to US trade deficit

    Hot-button automobile sector underpins imbalance

  • Interview

    Harvard's Sandel says both US parties must evolve in Trump era

    Political philosopher cites failure of status quo to address concerns of ordinary citizens

  • Interview

    Trump era 'very exciting' -- CNN executive vice president

    Andrew Morse talks about staying relevant in an age of nontraditional coverage

  • Mazda, Subaru brace for Trump's trade policies

    Smaller automakers more exposed due to limited US production

  • Pentagon chief: No need for military moves in East, South China seas

    Mattis says Beijing has 'shredded' trust, urges exhaustive diplomacy

  • Japan's megabanks grit teeth, press forward in US

    Financial giants face sliding profits at home, protectionism abroad

  • Strong jobs baseline bad news for Trump growth target

    New-job goal of 25m more than triple total unemployment

  • US reiterates commitment to protect key ally Japan

    Defense chief visits Tokyo amid provocations by China, North Korea

  • Trump tweets pre-emptive thanks on Samsung plant report

    South Korean company says it is still evaluating need for new US investments

  • Mattis included Senkaku isles in US-Japan defense treaty: Japan official

    US defense chief, Abe agree to further strengthen alliance

  • Australia falls afoul of Trump's Twitter diplomacy

    Obama-era refugee deal puts PM Turnbull on the defensive

  • Trump-led US turns focus to Asian stability

    New defense chief addressing concerns over North Korea, China

  • Mexico eyes May start to NAFTA talks

    Input from private sector will shape demands