US In Transition -- Trump era begins

A giant rooster sculpture resembling U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on display outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan in China's northern Shanxi Province. © AP

Frederic Neumann

If Trump does what he says, Asia will feel it

Despite tough campaign talk, the new US president could surprise Asia with a pragmatic approach

  • Shinzo Abe emphasizes Japan-US alliance

    Prime minister focuses on diplomacy in policy speech to lower house

  • Japan ratifies TPP despite bleak outlook under Trump

  • Divided, Americans await inauguration

    Trump supporters, protesters prepare for big day

  • US allies, rivals size up next commander in chief

    Trump elicits a mixture of anxiety and anticipation from the EU to Russia to North Korea

  • Business leaders hold fire on Trump

    Economists, politicians speak more freely

  • Trump wants more US exports, not less trade, top aide says

    Anthony Scaramucci downplays predictions of trade war

  • Proposed economic policies may boost dollar and widen deficits

    Protectionism could be at odds with deficit-reduction plans

  • Corporate Japan hopes for boost with Trump's 'America first' plan

    Companies relying more on US market to fuel growth

  • 'Pro-wrestler' Trump has Asia Inc. feigning pain

    Companies make stage-managed 'concessions' in hopes of favorable treatment

  • The president's flock of China hawks

    Trump's advisers are determined to change Beijing's tune

  • Asian CEOs jockey to win Trump's favor

    Heavyweights seek first-mover advantage

  • Trump's dollar remark shakes monetary authorities

    Concerns of chaos rise as incoming president may ignore international protocol

  • Trump shock wave ripples to currency exchange market

    Jumpy traders speculate on president-elect's intentions after dollar comment

  • US Commerce nominee Ross calls China 'most protectionist' country

  • Brokers of Iran nuclear pact push against Trump's criticism

    President-elect strongly condemns deal, put into effect a year ago

  • Brexit, Trump risks send investors running for the hills

    Yen, gold surge as they play it safe in uncertain times

  • Hyundai Motor to boost US investment as automakers respond to Trump

    South Korean company says considering new factory

  • Richard McGregor

    Trump's Asia team has China in its sights

    Policy change on Taiwan this year could provoke an explosive reaction from Beijing

  • Trump tax cuts to keep US strong for two years: Suntory chief

    Beverage group president sees potential U-turn on TPP