Using the compound developed by Nakamichi and his team could prove a cost-effective method of reducing the time it takes for crops to bear fruit.

Nagoya University scientists develop compound that hastens flowering

Chemical speeds up plants' biological clock by about three weeks

  • Fire ant queen found in Osaka, triggering nationwide harbor alert

    Latest insect eruption raises specter of long, costly extermination fight

  • Race against time to prepare for massive Tokyo quake

    Japan's capital faces 70% chance of strong temblor within 30 years

  • NASA gives private sector further access to its software

    Drone control and satellite image analysis among technologies available

  • India sends 31 satellites into space, some for foreign customers

  • Scientist, Ajinomoto bring whiff of change to making ammonia

    New production method from Japanese researcher and food company may slash costs

  • China joins US as top influencer in science

    Heavy spending and hunt for talent rapidly raising nation's profile

  • Nanotech molds promise cheap, fast way to detect cancers

    Protein marker detection's cost seen at 1% of current antibody tests

  • Stretchable wires could herald new generation of wearables

    Wires can be stretched to five times original size, still conduct electricity

  • Some businesses in Asia disrupted by cyber attack, authorities brace for more

  • Japan aims to double its space market to $21bn by 2030s

    The government will open up more free satellite data to the private sector

  • AI may be listening more than you think

    Privacy, ethical concerns grow as use of voice-based applications soars

  • iPS cell stockpiling system brings treatment closer to patients

    Time, costs can be trimmed, but risk of rejection remains

  • Interview

    Landmark surgery a step forward for iPS, says Nobel laureate

    Shinya Yamanaka says breakthrough will reduce costs, time for transplants

  • Unraveling the mysteries of black holes

    International project hopes to shed new light on these strange regions

  • Global climate change vs. coral reefs

    Japanese, Israeli scientists offer genomics-based approach to restoration

  • Japan performs first transplant of donor iPS cells

    Cheaper, prompter procedure opens doors to treating urgent ailments

  • World reaching turning point on carbon emissions as coal fades

    Even US is heading in greener direction despite Trump policies

  • Robots reproducing results a game changer for life sciences

    Japanese researchers automate procedures to boost accuracy and reliability

  • Japanese team testing malaria vaccine in West Africa

    Clinical trials by Osaka U. and Nobelpharma to start in May