Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuel were flat in 2016 for the third straight year. © Reuters

World reaching turning point on carbon emissions as coal fades

Even US is heading in greener direction despite Trump policies

  • Robots reproducing results a game changer for life sciences

    Japanese researchers automate procedures to boost accuracy and reliability

  • Japanese team testing malaria vaccine in West Africa

    Clinical trials by Osaka U. and Nobelpharma to start in May

  • Takeda expects to launch a better dengue vaccine

    Japanese pharmaceutical sees the neutralizer benefiting young children

  • Japan kicking regenerative medicine development into high gear

    Businesses, universities carrying out clinical research using donated stem cells

  • Asian universities move up in world rankings

    Survey finds regional higher education institutes perform best in engineering and technology

  • Unexpected phenomenon arising from 2011 quake

    Parts of coastal northeastern Japan seem to be getting a push

  • Nano-satellites thrust Australia back into space

    India, South Korea, Taiwan and China also involved in tiny spacecraft launches

  • NASA discovers solar system of 7 Earth-sized planets

    Some of the worlds could contain water, and a chance of alien life

  • Japan greenlights clinical tests on donor iPS cell transplants

    Alternative treatment seen slashing cost, time

  • Scientists fear they've only seen tip of the Trump iceberg

    Climate, other experts steel for fight as nascent policies fly in face of facts

  • Scientists growing miniature human brains

    Research using cerebral organoids could help prevent and cure diseases

  • Interview

    Humans will live on Mars within 100 years: Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki

    New framework needed for greater participation in space missions

  • What keeps space pioneers up at night

    Orbiting junk, cutthroat competition could shatter business dreams

  • The 'final frontier' is now the next place of business

    Startups find new opportunities for trade and innovation in space

  • India-China rivalry reaches into orbit and beyond

    Regional giants chase prestige, power and prosperity in space race

  • Kidney drug promises to help cats purr into old age

    Japan's Toray develops medicine said to be the world's first

  • Working together to prevent disaster

    Academic society liaison after Great East Japan Earthquake and the setup of an academic disaster reduction network

  • Mars beckons

    Corporations join the exploration; manned missions planned

  • New drugs harness the body's own cancer-fighting abilities

    Immunotherapy drugs boast greater efficacy with fewer side effects