The MCCS terminal, developed by Japan's Global Mobility Service, can remotely shut down a car engine when the driver falls behind on loan payments.

Remote 'off' switch to help Southeast Asians get car loans

Service that shuts down engines over late payments to expand in region

  • Big data turns failed experiments into potential gold mines

    Chemical companies urge researchers to break old record-keeping habits

  • Move over carbon fiber, here comes cellulose nanofiber

    New technology could offer a cleaner, greener way to strengthen plastic

  • Japan cabdrivers get tips on where they're needed from AI

    Real-world data helps Docomo's system forecast demand 30 minutes out

  • TEPCO launches robot survey of crippled No. 2 Fukushima reactor

  • ANA tests drone's-eye view for plane inspections

    Airline seeks faster damage checks as routes increase

  • Murata road sensors to collect traffic data in Thailand

    Japanese electronic parts maker aims to expand footprint, diversify

  • Japan's space agency to try again with minirocket launch in 2017

    JAXA pushes public-private effort, undaunted by January failure

  • Augmented reality taking shape for Japanese builders

    Computer-enhanced views could save time in proposal, construction stages

  • High radiation halts debris cleanup at Fukushima plant

    Tokyo Electric Power expects no big delays in probe of No. 2 reactor

  • Japan looks to put automated truck convoys on road in 3 years

    'Platooning' should ease truck-driver shortages

  • Japan's Asahi Kasei to trial-market plant-derived nanofibers

    Renewable material weighs one-fifth of steel and is up to five times stronger

  • Hyflux and university to develop water-efficient technology

    Both aim to produce a new generation membrane that will lower energy use in water plants

  • Up next: humans vs. space debris

    Public, private sectors hurry to improve monitoring, clean up orbit

  • Should we let AI immortalize our thoughts, selves?

    Projects aiming to preserve the human mind spark fears about risk

  • Moon mission-inspired containers help fight food shortage

    Tadashi Hagihara's airtight, hand-operated storage system catches on in Japan

  • Nuclear fuel likely melted through Fukushima reactor vessel

    Camera finds hole, deadly radiation levels in No. 2 reactor

  • Asia's innovation paradise is Japan

    Nation trails only US in annual rankings

  • South Korean AI startup targets kids' toys

    AIBrain will launch toy robot Tyche in March

  • AI now and tomorrow

    Can human-android interaction lead to true love?

    As robots evolve, so will humanity's feelings for them