Asia's megacities

ISO tackles urban challenges with inspiration from Aristotle

Asian cities are using a new ISO standard as a song sheet to relieve their urban blues. Cities with massive populations are not a purely Asian phenomenon. In fact, by 2050, nearly 70% of people on earth will live in cities, and there appears to b...

  • New cancer therapies

    Viruses look promising as safe, effective treatment

    TOKYO -- An exciting new cancer treatment is being developed in Japan -- deploying viruses that selectively infect cancer cells and kill them. Tottori University and the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo have confirmed the ...

  • The fuel cell economy

    Toyota's Mirai gives a glimpse to the future

    TOKYO -- Toyota Motor recently unveiled the world's first commercial fuel cell vehicle. Now comes the big wait -- for other companies to come up with some new technology of their own and for the necessary infrastructure to be put in place. At the...

  • New national space policy

    Japan's Epsilon rocket shoved aside?

    TOKYO -- The Japanese government has a new basic space plan. Covering the next decade, the plan was concluded by the Committee on National Space Policy, a unit of the Cabinet Office. The committee, which had been meeting since September, conducte...

  • Energy technology

    Toshiba takes step toward large-scale electricity storage

    TOKYO -- Toshiba has developed a way to use hydrogen to store large quantities of electricity for extended periods of time, with a storage system deploying the technology potentially reaching the market in 2020. The Japanese company will first pr...

  • Tech with feeling

    Clever illusions give new IT devices a sensory dimension

    TOKYO -- Companies and universities in Japan are developing devices that make use of perceptual illusions, tricking the user into perceiving things that are not there. For example, display devices that produce three-dimensional images using optic...

  • Satya Ramaswamy

    Business faces a seismic digital shift

    Nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies for the year 2000 are no longer on the list of the biggest U.S. businesses. Some have fallen from their perches due to business and economic trends beyond their control. Others made strategic mistakes that led...

  • Artificial us

    Defining humanity with the help of humanoid robots

    Research into the creation of humanoid robots is leaping ahead. Robot comedians are already making audiences laugh, and department store customers can get help from robotic shop assistants. But there are far bigger implications in such advancemen...

  • Technological largesse

    Toyota cagey about when fuel cell royalties will kick in

    TOKYO -- The birth of the auto industry in the West was an era of boisterous disputes over intellectual property. A century later, as the industry looks to make the jump from gasoline to hydrogen, Toyota Motor is doing what would have been unthinkabl...

  • Regulating machines

    Japan to revamp legal framework to promote robots

    TOKYO -- The Japanese government will push the development and use of robots by relaxing some regulations and, where needed, creating new ones. Following recommendations from the government's Robot Revolution Realization Council due out in a repo...

  • High-tech farming

    Japanese driverless tractor completes trial run Down Under

    TOKYO -- A Japanese-led team has conducted a successful trial in Australia of a self-driving tractor that navigates by satellite. The team, which includes Hitachi Zosen and Japan's internal affairs ministry, succeeded in keeping the tractor's mov...

  • Contractors developing new tech

    JR Tokai getting ready to start on world's first 'superconducting' maglev line

    TOKYO -- JR Tokai has taken the first step toward constructing an underground terminal for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen Line. The main railway operator in central Japan last month began making space for construction materials and machines under the Tok...

  • To Mars, with hope

    Chinese aerospace company planning ultralarge rocket

    BEIJING -- China's state-owned aerospace company has started developing an ultralarge rocket that it hopes to complete around 2030. The rocket would be able to carry payloads of about 100 tons -- five to 10 times more than current rockets -- into ...

  • Video

    Wheelchair unbound

    Researchers at the University of Tsukuba have created a new kind of mobility device, helping those normally limited to a wheelchair to actively stand and move around.

  • Seeking swift approval

    Biotech flocking to Japan to sell regenerative medicine

    TOKYO -- Japan is attracting companies from around the world that are working to develop regenerative medicine treatments, thanks to a regulatory change that shortens approval times significantly. Based on new laws that took effect in November, r...

  • Japan's farming tech

    Trend toward stronger agriculture seen in Hokkaido

    SAPPORO -- Facing a rapidly changing market, due in part to the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership, Japan's farmers are busily cultivating overseas markets, and many agricultural cooperatives are implementing reforms to become more competitive. In Hok...

  • Alternative energy

    Japan to widen hunt for methane hydrate

    TOKYO -- Japan will step up its search for methane hydrate in fiscal 2015, expanding both seabed and drilling surveys toward a goal of commercializing the energy source as early as 2023. Seabed exploration will be carried out in two more areas ne...

  • Video

    Humanoids becoming ever more human

    Some of the latest creations by Japanese robot designers come remarkably close to looking and behaving like real humans.

  • Fujifilm collaborates on beauty product

    Photography wizard creates makeup for a cherry blossom glow

    TOKYO -- Fujifilm, Japan's expert in photography, has recently developed a new makeup powder that helps give skin the translucent glow of cherry blossom petals. The Sakura Aura powder works by using red light, which makes skin glow, and yellow li...

  • Video

    Ball, or spy robot?

    It may look like a strange toy at first, but this little ball actually transforms into a surveilance device that has promising defense applications.