Battery fires often remain cold cases

Causes of overheating can defy easy explanation

  • Interview

    AI will smooth out shocks to the system: Hitachi president

    Technology can eliminate uncertainty inherent in human mistakes

  • Unusual energy sources generate high hopes

    Snow and storms are some of the radical new answers to our electricity needs

  • Here building ecosystem in fight against Google

    German mapping information company accelerating scope and variety of tie-ups

  • Japan's space industry gets some new life

    Young venture companies promise new ideas and lower costs

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    The Spanish carmaker that keeps on surviving

    SEAT exercises a lot of independence under the Volkswagen umbrella

  • Japan risks being left behind on self-driving cars

    US trade shows provide valuable insights for Japan Inc.

  • Japan's low-cost rocket fails at first launch

    Data communications lost minutes into flight

  • Japan space agency fails to launch mini rocket

  • SpaceX returns to flight, sending satellites into orbit

  • GE revamps jet engines with innovative Japanese composites

    New material reduces weight and increases heat resistance

  • Japan's space industry charts leaner, cheaper course

    Private companies, startups target commercially competitive launches with smaller rockets

  • Exclusive

    Mazda's new engine boosts fuel efficiency by 30%

    Automaker plans to offer cars with the new technology next year

  • New tech allows drones to identify their location in real time

    AI-based system uses laser sensor, eliminates need for GPS

  • Singapore's tech strategy chief talks about the future of research

    Investment in education, ties with Japan help city-state's science scene flourish

  • Japan Exchange Group cleared to adopt fintech

    TSE already has plans to test blockchain-based trading

  • Toray to make biofuel feedstock from sugar cane in Thailand

    Japanese company's tech can cut costs at planned processing plant

  • Renesas sports chip technology with self-driving car

    Japanese company to showcase prototype vehicle at CES

  • Japan eyes safety certification for AI tech

    Seal of approval would limit user liability, promote development

  • China aims for moon and Mars, rivaling US and Russia

    Latest five-year plan calls for planet probe, eventual manned moon landing