Japanese language studies are an important part of the curriculum at DUT-RU International School of Information Science and Engineering in Dalian, China.

Higher education in Asia

Chinese, Japanese universities team up to train future IT stars

DALIAN, China -- The new generation of software whiz kids who come up with the next big thing at Google, Apple or a company yet to be born may hail from a school in Northeast China. A Chinese and a Japanese university have joined forces to set up...

  • Technological predictions for Japan

    AI, eel production and cancer prevention drugs in the cards

    TOKYO -- Japan expects to make commercially available the mass production of Japanese eels, an endangered species in the country, by 2025 and a cancer preventative medicine by 2030, a draft survey by the government predicts. The National Institut...

  • Video

    Drones dance, play catch

    Researchers in Switzerland show off the abilities of their quadracopter drones, which can fly in formation and perform eye-catching stunts.

  • Japan's regulatory lag

    Drones, self-driving cars need laws too

    TOKYO -- Legal frameworks cannot keep up with the pace of innovation today. That has led to confusion among Japanese businesses at the cutting edge. Self-driving cars are no longer a matter for science fiction. Once a few more technological hurdl...

  • Finger vein ID tech

    Tokyo company to sell first wireless device

    TOKYO -- A Japanese manufacturer of biometric authentication systems has developed the first wireless finger vein ID device, which it will begin selling Friday. Mofiria's device projects near-infrared LED light onto a subject's finger and scans t...

  • Better than QR codes

    Panasonic tech makes scanning info with smartphones easier

    OSAKA -- Panasonic has developed technology that lets smartphones scan information from commercial digital signage more than 500 times as fast as previously possible. The Japanese company will offer the technology to smartphone users in the form ...

  • Olympic preparations

    Panasonic bolstering surveillance camera business

    OSAKA -- Panasonic is strengthening its surveillance camera business, aiming to secure large orders as Japan prepares to host the Olympic Games in 2020. The electronics giant recently set up a dedicated team at subsidiary Panasonic System Network...

  • Greenhouse gases

    New projects to cut emissions start up in Japan

    TOKYO -- Projects are getting underway in Japan to develop new technologies to fight global warming and grab new business opportunities. The new activity coincides the United Nations conference on climate change, which will start a ministerial meetin...

  • Rail car technology

    Kawasaki Heavy to test new weight-cutting equipment in US

    TOKYO -- Kawasaki Heavy Industries will begin test runs of a rolling-stock bogie made with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the U.S. in 2015, with the aim of developing the overseas market for such equipment. A bogie connects a rail car'...

  • Sun Hyang

    South Korea working to foster more creative workforce

    South Korea, having suffered through World War II and the Korean War, quickly rebuilt its infrastructure and economy, and thanks to its strong economic growth in the latter half of the 20th century, soon took its place as one of the world's leading c...

  • New technology

    Thinking your wishes true

    OSAKA -- Japanese companies have developed a new technology that enables the physically disabled to switch a television or an air conditioner on or off just by thinking, provided they can make slight hand movements. NTT, Shimadzu and Sekisui Hous...

  • Video

    Behind the wheel of Toyota's fuel cell car

    Our reporter takes the Mirai for a test drive ahead of its December release in Japan, and finds the fuel cell vehicle performs very much like a gas-powered car.See video >

  • Drug capsule technology

    Companies exploring new frontiers

    TOKYO -- Technology coming from Japan is not only improving the way capsules deliver drugs within the body, it is enabling altogether new uses for these containers, such as retrieving precious metals from wastewater. At the forefront of the ...

  • Lessons from the Elysee Treaty

    How Japan and Korea can cooperate in science and technology

    The year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaty on Basic Relations, which restored diplomatic ties between Japan and the Republic of Korea (hereafter referred to as Korea) when it came into effect in 1965. Having worked for three years in the ...

  • The trash in space

    Science targets junk's final frontier

    TOKYO -- The premise of the Hollywood movie "Gravity" is not far-fetched. So much junk is orbiting around Earth now that a catastrophic collision with a spacecraft is within the realm of the possible and something taken very seriously. Year by ye...

  • Nonadhesion technology

    Yogurt lid licking be banished

    TOKYO -- What does the peel-off lid of a cup of yogurt have in common with a smartphone screen? They are both likely to benefit from next-generation nonadhesion technologies. These new ways of preventing things from sticking are also beneficial beyon...

  • High-performance opticals

    Researchers develop supercheap manufacturing method

    TOKYO -- A Kyushu University research team has developed a method of producing high-quality silica glass in complex shapes at less than one-hundredth the cost of the stuff made by conventional processes. The silica glass is suitable for use in hi...

  • Brain waves

    Hitachi's wearable monitor designed for all

    TOKYO -- Hitachi High-Technologies has developed a wearable brain activity monitor that is geared for use by the general public as a learning aid or way to boost brain function. The Japanese company hopes to have a commercial version ready in 201...

  • Biotechnology

    Tiny organisms transform industry (and tonight's dessert)

    TOKYO -- Japanese companies large and small are making headway toward turning living organisms into fuels and industrial materials. Investors are taking notice. Genaris, a biotechnology venture in Yokohama, runs a plant in the nearby Keihin indus...

  • Venture capital in Japan's biotech

    Spider thread tempts but industry investment still low

    TOKYO -- Spiber, a Japanese biotech startup based in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture, is attracting throngs of corporate executives and investors from around the world. About 1,000 people visit the company annually to see the unique product it make...