Phil Keys

Japan-California climate deal points to big business opportunities

An agreement to tackle climate change together is a chance to foster economic growth, but not enough people know it was signed, says Phil Keys.

  • High-tech farming

    LEDs light up commercial plant growing

    TOKYO -- Commercial plant growers are increasingly using advanced light-emitting diode technology to help boost the efficiency of their operations. Nippon Valqua Industries, for instance, has developed a product that enhances illumination intensity u...

  • Let the research be funded

    Japan no longer distinguishing between military- and civilian-use technologies

    TOKYO -- In a significant development, though with no fanfare, some Japanese universities and public research institutions have begun exploring dual-use technologies. Robotics, biotech and other technologies that have both military and civilian a...

  • New wrinkle in wearables

    Data-capturing clothes could enable remote surgery -- and aid your golf swing

    TOKYO -- Picture an urban hospital in the not-so-distant future -- say, 2020. A surgeon puts on scrubs and gloves made from a special material. A monitor in front of the doctor displays a patient on an island hundreds of kilometers away. Beside the p...

  • Researchers create stem cell-derived retina tissue to treat disorders

    KOBE (Kyodo) -- A Japanese team of researchers has developed a method to create three-dimensional retinal tissue from human embryonic stem cells, according to their study published Thursday in an electronic edition of British science journal Nature C...

  • LEDs do the talking

    Japanese parts trader Kaga to sell equipment for visible light communication

    TOKYO -- Kaga Electronics, a Japanese trading company that deals in electronic components, is preparing to get into the market for visible light communication. This technology involves the use of LEDs to transmit data. The company intends to star...

  • Marine technology

    Japan to develop remote-controlled underwater probe

    TOKYO -- Two Japanese government bodies are working to develop technology for a remote-controlled probe capable of conducting surveys for underwater resources. The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and the National Institute o...

  • Semiconductor industry

    Plasma cutting brings finesse to chip production

    Change is coming to the streets. Where once people cut with blades and lasers, now some have started using plasma. But these are not the mean streets of a future urban landscape. They are the streets on semiconductor wafers, which is what the ind...

  • Japan's OPM Laboratory

    Trying to change the world of manufacturing with 3-D metal printers

    TOKYO -- OPM Laboratory, a Kyoto-based venture company founded in 2004 that produces metal molds using 3-D printers, is starting to draw the attention of some of the world's biggest companies. Company CEO Kazuho Morimoto is a pioneer of 3-D ...

  • Video

    Creating artificial spider silk

    Researchers in northern Japan are using genetically modified microbes to make artificial spider silk, with hopes that the material can be used in a wide variety of applications.See other videos here.

  • Eco-friendly tires

    Manufacturers get a grip on green standards

    TOKYO -- Although crude's slide on the market has pushed gas prices lower in recent months, drivers still appreciate better mileage. To get the most out of a tank of gas, fuel-efficient tires can be as important as a well-tuned engine. Eco-friend...

  • Epilepsy app

    Smartphone alert helps patients prepare for seizures

    Using a small sensor and a smartphone, people suffering from epilepsy can now detect when they are about to have a seizure. The system, developed by a team at Kyoto University, provides warnings of 30 seconds or more, helping patients to avoid injury...

  • Japan successfully launches backup intelligence satellite

    TANEGASHIMA, Japan (Kyodo) -- Japan successfully launched on Sunday a rocket carrying a backup radar satellite for intelligence gathering by the government. The launch originally scheduled for last Thursday by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agen...

  • Spelunking to the opera

    Cavelike performance hall wows Taiwan

    TAIPEI -- A project that upends the conventions of architecture is nearing completion in Taiwan. The structure of the Taichung Metropolitan Opera House, in the city it is named for, resembles a cave. Rather than pillars or beams, the building fea...

  • Video

    Japanese sake meets IT

    For Japanese brewers, securing enough rice for making the best-quality sake is essential, and many are turning to new technologies to do this.See other videos here.

  • Japanese theme park

    Huis Ten Bosch to open 'smart hotel' with low rates -- and robots

    NAGASAKI -- "Welcome to the future" might well be the greeting at a planned hotel at Huis Ten Bosch, where robots will greet guests, clean up and even serve coffee. The operator of the Dutch-inspired theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture is not intro...

  • Asia's megacities

    ISO tackles urban challenges with inspiration from Aristotle

    Asian cities are using a new ISO standard as a song sheet to relieve their urban blues. Cities with massive populations are not a purely Asian phenomenon. In fact, by 2050, nearly 70% of people on earth will live in cities, and there appears to b...

  • New cancer therapies

    Viruses look promising as safe, effective treatment

    TOKYO -- An exciting new cancer treatment is being developed in Japan -- deploying viruses that selectively infect cancer cells and kill them. Tottori University and the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo have confirmed the ...

  • The fuel cell economy

    Toyota's Mirai gives a glimpse to the future

    TOKYO -- Toyota Motor recently unveiled the world's first commercial fuel cell vehicle. Now comes the big wait -- for other companies to come up with some new technology of their own and for the necessary infrastructure to be put in place. At the...

  • New national space policy

    Japan's Epsilon rocket shoved aside?

    TOKYO -- The Japanese government has a new basic space plan. Covering the next decade, the plan was concluded by the Committee on National Space Policy, a unit of the Cabinet Office. The committee, which had been meeting since September, conducte...