• Hitachi joins in smart-grid project in Poland

    Advanced tech would add reliability and foster renewable energy

  • Tech disruptions force Japanese manufacturers to change or die

    Innovation is relentless, and it can quickly turn key assets into dead weight

  • Race for high-tech materials changing heavy industry

    Market for lighter, stronger composite materials to shape aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding

  • Daiwa House close to running warehouses with AI, robots

    Change coming as soon as next year could slash manpower by 80%

  • Japan gathering forces to mine 'burning ice' energy

    Chiyoda Corp., JGC among companies helping to commercialize methane hydrate

  • AI quest drives major orders for Japan's supercomputer makers

    Research institutes seek ever-faster performance to power deep learning

  • Japan researchers develop AI that detects poison gas

    'Smart' sensors could be on shelves by 2020

  • Japan's space agency hopes to swiftly relaunch its minirocket

    Private cooperation and financing cut down on turnaround time

  • Japan, EU to share satellite navigation systems

    Collaboration to improve accuracy for range of technological applications

  • Enzymes and algae offer alternatives to synthetic chemicals

    South Korea seeks organic substitutes after lethal home product scandals

  • Drones incorporating more safety features

    If redundant stabilization systems don't grab you maybe parachutes will

  • IHI, Chiyoda developing low-cost hydrogen tech

    Japanese engineering companies plan power plant, fuel station

  • AI-based digital assistants making their voices heard

    Google, Amazon and now Line seek partners in global pushes

  • Fujitsu envisions AI that thinks outside the box

    Tech company looks to propel Japan in fierce development race

  • Toyota struts out new test vehicle for self-driving tech

    Test platform by AI unit to help speed development of autonomous cars

  • Cybersecurity system visualizes the ghosts in our machines

    Japanese lab brings cinematic flair to network monitoring

  • Bridgestone turns to AI for production reforms

    Technology the key to staying ahead

  • Remote 'off' switch to help Southeast Asians get car loans

    Service that shuts down engines over late payments to expand in region

  • Big data turns failed experiments into potential gold mines

    Chemical companies urge researchers to break old record-keeping habits

  • Move over carbon fiber, here comes cellulose nanofiber

    New technology could offer a cleaner, greener way to strengthen plastic